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Asian Sweet Bakery

Address: 1017 S Park St, Madison, WI 53715

Phone: (608) 665-3988

Price: $

Menu: View Online

Rating: 4.6


What Time Does Asian Sweet Bakery Open?

Saturday,: 9AM to 7PM

Sunday,: 9AM to 7PM

Monday,: Closed

Tuesday,: 9AM to 7PM

Wednesday,: 9AM to 7PM

Thursday,: 9AM to 7PM

Friday,: 9AM to 7PM

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Asian Sweet Bakery Reviews

Kristene Heeney

Great little bakery. We bought several things that we have never tried. But I specifically went for the red bean sesame balls. Unfortunately I think they are a bit overcooked and could use a bit more filling. But all of the other things were good. The prices are reasonable. We would go back.

Jarret Lyle

Great bakery and great food! The staff are super friendly and very helpful in recommending which of their delicious baked goods to choose. The baked goods are high quality and really tasty. Best Sesame Balls in Madison easily!

Rodney Jenkins

My sincere appreciation for the bakers at Asian Sweet Bakery. Every bite of pastry is filled with the right touch. Whether it is the red bean on a swirled bun, the flakiness of the buttered crust of a egg tart, or that barbecued pork filling in a warm bun will have your cheeks cramp up from smiling at the taste of decadence.

Chad Pranke

TLDR: JUST GO! (But be careful of timing as they do sell out of the best items)

I hope this place isn’t a secret to Madison residents but if it is it is legitimately the best kept culinary secret in this town. They supply a lot of the local Asian markets with legit authentic Chinese baked goods but I like to go straight to the source and I’ve learned that the best time to go is around 11 am. You can’t go too early because some things won’t be ready yet, but if you go too late you risk missing out on all of the good stuff I just cleaned them out of 😉

Cheese bread usually won’t be ready until later and is a great choice for a first visit. Think a fluffy long hunk of bread with mayo and cheese melted on top.

Next hit up anything with bbq pork in the name. At the top right of the main display case they have an additional display with smaller items. If they have any of the deep fried bbq pork dumpling thingies try them for something with a texture that will be new to most westerners but absolutely delicious (they don’t seem to make many of them so consider yourself lucky if you get some).

Last recommendation is the zonza, aka Chinese tamale. It’s rice, soybeans, and a chunk of fatty pork wrapped in leaves. I buy all they have and eat them for breakfast throughout the week. Lately I’ve liked them better heated after unwrappingthem with a little butter and salt.

They have a bunch of other stuff too and the prices are still pretty good even after the inflation that’s been hitting everyone. I usually spend around $50 and walk out with several bags full of goodies that will be lucky to survive the weekend.

Maximillian Ottoman

Would’ve gave this place a try if they didn’t close like 10 minutes early. Called ahead too to see if they were open and they were. Got to the door and lady just kept pointing to their sign. It was 6:48 and I already knew what I was gonna get, just something from their display case. Guess I won’t be bothered :/

Gregory Kelley

Southern Chinese bakery with good… yes, bakery and food. How could I complain? The owners are kind too. That’s a plus. Egg custard bun is really good too.

Yasmine Reis

Get the egg custard tarts! We were introduced to this wonderful treat in China Town, San Francisco. Since then, we’ve been searching for somewhere to get them and this is the place! Absolutely delicious decadent treat! And the prices are so good. We walk out of there with 2 bags of goodies for under $15. The cheesy twists are also fantastic!

Nicole O’Connell

We have enjoyed delicious baked goods from the case several times now. Prices are very reasonable! I am looking forward to exploring their menu further.

Alix Yarrow

The fridge to the right when you walk in has Thai tea, the big cans! You’ll probably notice the weird-looking, leaf-wrapped bundles on the counter, they are really good. The cake slices in the case on the right are a bit pricey but they are delicious. The menu has roast eel and it’s as good as you hope it will be. They take card, too, so you better fill up a few boxes with pastries. It’s all made daily and this is the kind of stuff you’ll wish you had brought home more of. The rainbow egg roll, and the hotdog bun are the only offerings I’d personally never order again.

Jason Struck

Unbeatable prices on fresh and tender baked goods, but don’t overlook their amazing dishes. The S7 beef tripe soup was amazing, a delicate but rich broth with an excellent balance of veggies (napa cabbage), noodles, and beef.

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