Alpine Pastries in Bakersfield (Photos, Menu, Reviews & Ratings)

Alpine Pastries

Address: 7070 Schirra Ct # 100, Bakersfield, CA 93313

Phone: (661) 834-8414

Price: $

Menu: View Online

Rating: 4.9


What Time Does Alpine Pastries Open?

Saturday,: 7AM to 1PM

Sunday,: Closed

Monday,: Closed

Tuesday,: 7AM to 3PM

Wednesday,: 7AM to 3PM

Thursday,: 7AM to 3PM

Friday,: 7AM to 3PM

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Alpine Pastries Reviews

Frances Bransby

WOW. WOW. WOW. I have lived here almost 20 years and didn’t know about this place. Beautiful and delicious pastries, cakes and fresh bread. Everything is handcrafted and beautifully decorated. The flavors are amazing. We bought a large box of mixed pastries to try for $28! We will be back.

Ann Margaret

This place is the most wonderful place for goodie. I have been having them make our Anniversary cakes for us for abt 44 yrs. Its always great. They are a lovely family, the owners. Very friendly. I will always be Grateful for the joy they brought my family every Anniversary day. This cake, Hazel Nut is the best in the world. There will never be another place to buy this delicious cake. The owners have been part of our Anniversary every year because they knew why we were coming in. We really love this Bakery and the family that own it. Please make a trip down to Alpine Pastries buy your Family a Hazel Nut cake with Chocolate or without. We order it without. You will want another and another. Its simply delicious.

Nancy Rosengren

Best pastries in town. Always offers seasonal favorites and ‘everyday’ baked goods, for special occasions or just because. 🙂

Steve Waller

Great selection of Swiss pasteries. At Christmas, you can order a expertly decorated ginger bread house. Way cool!

Sarah yount

I found this little place tucked away between white Ln and schirra ct.
Upon entering the place looked barren

There was a small variety of fresh pastries in the display cases.
There were no beverages for sale. Because customers never bought what they had in stalk or the merchandise would expire.

I had a cinnamon roll and my husband had a cream cheese pastry. Both were delicious.

The store looked like it was close to closing shop. Such a shame. We don’t have a lot of those in Bakersfield

Brian Troy

Delicious pastries at this little gem of a place. The little Kahlua Cake roll is fantastic as is the S shaped vanilla cookie that is dipped in chocolate on one end. The rest I will try later, but can’t wait.

Robert Chrisven Skelly

Only likes is and no dislikes here. I enjoyed my findings and purchases when I could get there.
It has been a few years for sure that I have been there, I have got to go there again soon, this being Christmas 2020.
I will likely appear in my deep blue color shirt that has a hybrid flag print, showing the Swiss flag, and the American flag on the front, forming one flag.

I like to think of imported seasonal Bernese Mountain Dog families, & even those that are not tri-colored coats, but all true white, white as a White Christmas.
Maybe I will sometime see animal cookies, shaped. Or colored like them.

Robert Christopher Skelly, immediate family member of Steven Gene Skelly, attendant participant of The Geneva Convention Geneva, Switzerland.

Steven Gene Skelly, later a casualty of the Vietnam conflict, however, born in Bakersfield, CA., U.S.A. [11/17/1948-11/13/1969].

Merry Christmas 2020, and peace to you all.

Judy A

This little corner store and its owner are so charming. One of a kind! She doesn’t display a huge selection of pastries but what she does have are perfectly made, special, and reasonably priced. Don’t forget to check in on her Gingerbread Houses before Christmas!

Nicholas Telmo

I had a really pleasant experience just talking to the woman at the cash register! And the pastries are heavenly, my personal favorites being the meringue and the cream horns. My brother and I have been hunting for a place like this in town for quite some time. They have really good prices as well considering their high quality sweets!

Jaysa Castaneda

everything in this place taste divine
price is really very good

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