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M & M Donuts

Address: 1614 W Katella Ave, Anaheim, CA 92802, United States



Menu: View Online

Rating: 4.5

Website: https://mandmdonuts.com/

What Time Does M & M Donuts Open?

Saturday,: 4AM to 12PM, 9PM to 1AM

Sunday,: 4AM to 12PM, 9PM to 1AM

Monday,: 4AM to 12PM, 9PM to 1AM

Tuesday,: 4AM to 12PM, 9PM to 1AM

Wednesday,: 4AM to 12PM, 9PM to 1AM

Thursday,: 4AM to 12PM, 9PM to 1AM

Friday,: 4AM to 12PM, 9PM to 1AM

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M & M Donuts Reviews

Alex M

INCREDIBLE! Coming from the East Coast, I’ve had my fair share of donuts from everybody. Honey Dee always stuck out as a regional winner (sorry Dunkin’ I don’t like bricks) and Krispy Kreme was a favorite when I was near… this changed the game completely.

I ordered a glazed donut, Apple fritter, iced coffee, and an egg and cheese sandwich.

Let’s start with the coffee. The Vietnamese style coffee was sweet, creamy, and still bold with the coffee flavor. Great way to wake up.

The egg and cheese sandwich is a portion that I was shocked by, especially considering the affordability. Large croissant, filled with fluffy egg and cheese, and make sure you get it with jalapeños, it’s incredible.

Now, to the pastry… incredible. I came to this location around 11am and the glazed donuts were still light, airy, and delicious. The moisture of the donut still shined, and the thin and sweet layer of glaze was still just wet enough that I wasn’t covered in flakes of it like some of the other guys. And that fritter… oh my lord that fritter. Big, dense, sweet and moist chunks of cinnamon apples blessed my tongue. The glaze and the tender batter provided an excellent balance without being too greasy. 10/10

Stop by if you can, this place is worth it. East Coast folks beware, this place will ruin what you’ve got back home, though let’s be real, Dunkin and Honey Dew and the rest have nothing on this.

Tyler Nevis

Best donuts ever!! Expect long lines as donuts are made fresh and hot to order I promise the blueberry cake donuts are unlike anything you have ever had!!

Abi Pet

Owned by a Vietnamese older couple. Takes a minute for them to get the donuts out but that’s because everything is made fresh. 10/10 Blueberry & Oreo doughnuts didn’t like how the maple tasted (like oil). Other than that really good

Tamim “Calton” Abassi

The best blueberry donuts anywhere. You might get some if you go early enough in the morning. Fresh, warm and delicious. At night they open 9pm until 1am with at least 30 to 40 cars lined up for their drive through all around the parking lot.

Harris Fogel

Great Chocolate Blueberry Cake donuts. Long line, people line up in cars for up to an hour. Only open at night and in the morning. I included a photo of the hours, as well as the line of cars. I rarely go there, due to a) donuts are fattening, b) waiting that long is crazy. Crazy, unless you have a hot blueberry donut craving, along with more cowbell.

MissMary Vaughn

Didn’t pay attention to the hours for the blueberry donuts, so I rode the bus here just to find out they aren’t offered all day. Had a glaze and a buttermilk. They were fine…nothing special. Maybe one day I’ll get back out to Anaheim and have the chance to get a blueberry donut.


Blueberry donut are ok a little over priced at 2.25 a donut lines are crazy on weekends better off coming on a weekday …

Jivesh Sabnani

Covid review: As usual line up early. The walk up is closed and it’s drive though only. The cars snake though the drive-thru towards the grocery store then along the row of stores. But still by far worth the wait 45-6-90 is expected for the world’s greatest hot blueberry doughnuts.

Justin Garcia

The donuts here are definitely good, but damn are you going to be waiting a while to get them. When you pull in and are wondering why the lot is so backed up just know everyone is in line for doughnuts

Lilynor P.

I make sure the we stop by here to get some Blueberry Donuts every time I’m in town cuz its really delicious don’t take my word for it you guys should try it! This time we got 1 1/2dozen. Heads up there always a long line and check there hours online cuz there only open at night like a Club lol JK

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