St. Pete Bagel Co. in St. Petersburg (Photos, Menu, Reviews & Ratings)

St. Pete Bagel Co.

Address: 7043 4th St N, St. Petersburg, FL 33702

Phone: (727) 522-3377

Price: $

Menu: View Online

Rating: 4.6


What Time Does St. Pete Bagel Co. Open?

Saturday,: 6AM to 1PM

Sunday,: 7AM to 1PM

Monday,: 6AM to 1PM

Tuesday,: 6AM to 1PM

Wednesday,: 6AM to 1PM

Thursday,: 6AM to 1PM

Friday,: 6AM to 1PM

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St. Pete Bagel Co. Reviews

Trinity L

Wide menu and great portion sizes for the price! We went closer towards closing (I didn’t realize they closed at 1pm instead of 2) but they still had a lot of options to choose from thankfully. There is some inside seating that’s on the tighter side but there are also some some seats outside as well. Their donuts are fluffy and not overly sweet, and a great size as well. Great place to stop into overall.


My first time here and i live next door. Line was out the door they were so busy. Good selection of breakfast items from croissants to bagels and frozen drinks, coffees. Think i even seen smoothies on the menu? The lines are a bit chaotic, and im a 7.5 month pregnant woman who cant really move out of the way for everyone when they have to cut through the order line for their pickup. The ladies at the counter were super nice though and very friendly. You could tell they had been busy all morning. I ordered an iced coffee and a croissant with bacon egg and cheese. The latte was pretty standard, wasnt really iced. More like luke warm and the croissant just didnt have any flavor. Needed salt butter … something. You do get alot of food for 6 bucks but overall would say it was worth trying but probably not my favorite place ever.

Porscha Sims

I never knew this place was there until I had to go over into St.Pete one early Saturday morning. As we were driving, I saw the saw the sign so I told my Husband to turn around, so glad I did. I stopped in and got a breakfast bagel. It was a bacon, egg and cheese on a everything bagel. I was very good and a great size for the price. If you love bagels check this place out, I’ll be back because they have other flavors, homemade spreads and plenty more. Also this spot is very warm and home like.

Chef Ahmad

For one the prices are amazing compared to the other bagel shops that are in st pete… secondly it’s the closest to a New York bagel shop you’ll find here. They are fast and consistent no matter how busy they are… which they do get super busy. Don’t be discouraged if you see a line because it will go fast. The apple fritter donut is really good and fresh.

Gary W

St Pete Bagel Company has been around for a long time, under different ownership. It has evolved its product offering to include doughnuts, specialty pastries, and varied beverages.

Although I have had a true New York bagel, St Pete Bagel is made in a similar fashion and compares favorably. And they create many varieties suitable to many tastes.

I personally like a toasted sesame bagel with cream cheese. They do not skimp on the cream cheese either. My wife usually does for the Everything bagel with Lox.

St Pete Bagel creates lunch sandwiches like my favorite, a Sesame bagel loaded with Chicken Salad and a slice of cheese.

Every time I go there, there are usually busy. However, try calling ahead if your time is limited and they will prepare your order in advance for pick-up.

Grant Stafford

It’s THE St Pete bagel co. Come here it’s a great local spot that serves fresh bagels, great coffee, and the breakfast sandwiches are best. Always doing specials, prices are fair, friendly staff, does get busy during peak hours(which means most people thinks it’s good), and it’s the only place with jalapeño cheese bagels.

With all these Pros there is 1 Con and that’s the napkins are small and thin which doesn’t help when I need to aggressively wipe frosting off my face after my 8th donut. Here’s the thing the donuts are so soft, fluffy and warm(which is amazing) the frosting can get everywhere after No 5. Get us those long brown ones from the vertical dispenser. *hops off soap box*


Great prices. Solid food. Coffee was awful. Couldn’t even finish them. We ordered a caramel iced coffee with milk and a hot caramel latte. Both were disgustingly sweet. We kept talking about it for over an hour. We couldn’t believe how bad they were. Might be back for food. Will never order coffee again.

Johnny Johnson

We just moved here. I went here once and thought the bagels were pretty good. So I took my wife back a few weeks later. Her first time in. She accidentally picked up the wrong order. Two employees chased her down and stood outside her window and the first woman yelled at her for taking the wrong order then threw up her hands and walked away.

The second woman was much calmer but proceeded in a patronizing manner to explain why it was the wrong order … “you ordered “x” and you see what you picked up was “y” and the illegible chicken scratch note on it clearly says “y.”

Sort of a shame that an honest mistake cost them two new lifetime customers.

Food was pretty good … just don’t make any human errors there. It’s not a very forgiving environment.

Pinellas Resident

Co-workers and I had been debating on best bagels in the area, Clearwater Bagels off SR 60, Stews House of Bagels at Ulmerton Rd/Belcher, or this place. As a transplant from NY, I have always loved bagels. Family would get fresh bagels every Sunday morning for breakfast. Not sure who is writing these reviews but they are not from NY if they think these bagels are as close as you can get.

First thing I noticed was after I placed my order for a simple plain bagel with butter, not toasted, was that it took over 15 minutes to get my order. There were a few people that ordered ahead of me but there were at least 4 employees working behind the counter so not really sure why it took so long. Another poor appearance was an older lady employee was arguing with a younger female employee the entire time that other customers and I were waiting. It was extremely unprofessional and uncomfortable standing there waiting for our food while this was taking place.

When I finally received my bagel, it was cold and chewy. I was there in the morning so the bagels should have been fairly warm, even without toasting. When I have gone to Clearwater or Stew’s, the bagels have always been fresh, warm with a nice crunch on the outside but not too hard, no matter when I have gone in. This bagel was just not good and there was little to no butter on it.

I will be crossing this place off my list of bagel places and stick to Stew’s. Ive never had a bad experience there. Try for yourself and judge.

Ashley Carroll

We got bagels from another bagel place first, they were microwaved bagel sandwiches and we were extremely disappointed to say the least. We came to St. Pete bagels hoping for a better experience, however, they also microwave their bagel sandwiches. I am from NJ and this is extreeeeemely sad to see as well as to pay so much money for something I could make at home with my microwave or gone to Dunkin Donuts for cheaper.

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