Publix Super Market at Walker Farms Shopping Center in Clarksville (Photos, Menu, Reviews & Ratings)

Publix Super Market at Walker Farms Shopping Center

Address: 2300 Trenton Rd, Clarksville, TN 37040

Phone: (931) 553-5067


Menu: View Online

Rating: 4.1


What Time Does Publix Super Market at Walker Farms Shopping Center Open?

Saturday,: 7AM to 10PM

Sunday,: 7AM to 10PM

Monday,: 7AM to 10PM

Tuesday,: 7AM to 10PM

Wednesday,: 7AM to 10PM

Thursday,: 7AM to 10PM

Friday,: 7AM to 10PM

Publix Super Market at Walker Farms Shopping Center Directions

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Publix Super Market at Walker Farms Shopping Center Reviews

Brenden Breil

Where shopping truly is a pleasure! So glad to have a brand new Publix close to home. I will be spending more time here than just grocery shopping. Definitely check it out!

Richard Clark

Very nice grocery store, this location is the nicest Publix in the area. I truly will visit this location over any of the other locations in this area, the store is new but it’s about the way they laid the store out. You now have an area where you can sit down and eat if you’ve purchased sushi or food off of the hot bar. Every employee is super friendly and accommodating.

Travis Bubar

I went in to get a lunch plate cause I’ve been told that the Publix lunch plates are great (they were referencing based off their experiences from the Madison St location). I was extremely disappointed. Availability and selection was slim. I settled from the Ribs, Cheese Curds and Macaroni & Cheese. Everything was cold, and tasted like its been sitting out for a very long time. The Ribs were so Tough, I could barely separate the bones from the meat. For such a new store, I had much higher hopes. Keep in mind this was also about 11:45 am on a Wednesday, during prime lunch time. Not 2:30 pm after the lunch push has died out.

Eric P

Was really nice for the first couple of weeks, been a good bit downhill since. Lots of expired or spoiled foods on the shelves (mostly dairy and produce). Double check everything you pick up. At first glance it you’ll think it has everything the other stores do, but this location seems to have much less stock in general than others. It’s nice having one so close, subs are great and the store is clean. It’s better than not having one and we aren’t starving for grocery options in Clarksville, but it’s definitely my least favorite Publix in town at the moment.

Queen Esther Ali

I really like this grocery store. The set up is great and almost a more modern look compared to the others. Ample parking. Priced a bit higher than the competitions. You get great customer service and someone is always willing to help you out.

Autumn Cole

I am extremely disappointed with how this cake turned out. In the 6 years I have been using Publix for all our custom cakes, never have I seen a cake so poorly done. Attached is the reference we gave vs what we received.

Brittany Potter

Taking time out of my day for the lady making subs on Sunday 8/14 from 12:00-12:34.

With a line wrapping down to the fruit she had absolutely no hustle or care in the world with a terrible attitude all over her face, might as well have been knitting a sweater while making a sandwich. I waited over 30 minutes and moved four places in line. Honestly would rather drive across town to another Publix to get a pub sub.

If you have employees that obviously don’t want to be there, please do them a favor and let them go.

Virginia Gaylord

Layout of store is not refrigerated food friendly. Produce shelves missing many items, moldy, yogurt expired on shelf and no person on bakery to select your items or have children receive their free cookie . All pre packaged at this location. Staff nice however not returning. I will stay with Publix on exit 11. Disappointed

DaJuan Little

This store truly put the customer first with it’s design. The balcony/lounge is amazing, the food is great, and the staff are truly amazing.

jolleen brooks

Heard a lot of goods things about this place and they are probably true, but just coming on here to share my first experience with this store. Last week I put in a cake order for Thursday pick up at 530pm because we had a dinner party at 6pm at a restaurant about a mile away. I got there at 530 had to walk to bakery located all the way in the back left of store. I get there and the bakers make eye contact, but don’t acknowledge or ask if I needed any help. I looked at them again and said I’m here for a pick up. They tell me that I have to go to the front of store for it. I go to the front and let them know and he looks in the fridge up front and still no cAke. He calls a “runner” and lets her know I have a cake for pick up and sends her to the bakery section I just left. She comes back with the cake, but no writing on it as asked. The “runner” takes the cake all the way back to the bakery so they can write on it. She comes back to the front 5 minutes later with the cake. Needless to say we were still in there until 6pm and late to our dinner. He gave $5 discount which I didn’t ask for, but appreciated it. The whole “runner” system is a total inconvenience when you are pressed for time.

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