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Top China

Address: 9160 Eastchase Pkwy, Montgomery, AL 36117

Phone: (334) 270-1668

Price: $

Menu: View Online

Rating: 4.3


What Time Does Top China Open?

Saturday,: 10:30AM to 10PM

Sunday,: 11AM to 9:45PM

Monday,: 10:30AM to 9:45PM

Tuesday,: 3 to 9:45PM

Wednesday,: 10:30AM to 9:45PM

Thursday,: 10:30AM to 9:45PM

Friday,: 10:30AM to 10PM

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Top China Reviews

Lakey Wilson

The best Chinese place in the city when we are talking about good, quality Chinese food. I love how their workers actually care about their job and people’s food. The staff is always so pleasant, and the food is always good. But y’all please lay off the vegetable oil. It’s beginning to be a bit much.


Almost no meat, all onions. This is absurd. I’ve been coming to Top China for YEARS. And have never experienced anything like this. Highly disappointed

Roosevelt Lake

Haven’t had in 7 years because I led the city. But went back and the food was still good.

Lisa Gayle

Always good! This visit I got house special lo mein size large at least enough for 3 meals.

If you have never had “house special” it means the disk has chicken, pork, beef and shrimp! And NOT tiny salad shrimp either.

Jesus Is Lord

The food was good, and service was good. No complaints there, but we were over charged by almost $12. I had to be at the doctor’s office, so when I realized it, I didn’t have time to go back.

chris walker

Not good at all. That bourbon chicken I had was awful. The sauce was so thick and the chicken tasted like it was frozen. The rice was decent but nothing to buy again.

Shawn D.

On a lousy evening after a long road trip, thought I will grab some Chinese food. Guy at the counter with a bun doesn’t smile at all. Felt like he is doing me a favor by giving me food. The guy who served was unenthusiastic too. I felt they are over worked.

The portion was actually good for a plate, cooking was decent, but I had better. Never had such plain “fried rice” though. Just yellow rice without any egg or anything. That was surprising.

I left with a sigh’. I need some bubble tea, where to next?

Just 1 Man

I hated it. The rice was super greasy and was not good. I couldn’t believe that it was bad as it was. They need to learn from the American deli employees (who aren’t even Chinese ) how to fry rice. Very basic part of eating Chinese food….. decent rice

Alan Ward

Covid is over. These windows are ridiculous. At some point we have to stop being divided by democrat socialists under the guise of covid and come back together. That point was a year ago. Take these plexiglass contraptions down and quit with the stupidity.

Audrice Locke

Authentic and delicious. By far, it’s my favorite restaurant.

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