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Paina Cafe

Address: 6870 Spring Mountain Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89146, United States

Phone: +1 702-272-2790


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Rating: 4.5


What Time Does Paina Cafe Open?

Saturday,: 8AM to 7PM

Sunday,: 8AM to 7PM

Monday,: 8AM to 7PM

Tuesday,: 8AM to 7PM

Wednesday,: 8AM to 7PM

Thursday,: 8AM to 7PM

Friday,: 8AM to 7PM

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Paina Cafe Reviews

Slim Slim

By far the most authentic and best poke places to try in Vegas! They have a wide variety on poke bowls as well as moshi donuts! Services quick and very friendly. Definitely check this place out and make sure to get the poke by the pound!

Brian Newman

This has been my favorite poke place. The poke is excellent and mochi donuts are great. Glad to see the inside finally open again. They had closed the dining area during the pandemic and built a window to take exclusive to go orders

Carla Campos

Their mochi donuts are sooo yummy and the texture is so perfect! I will say that they are more of a “eat as soon as you buy” type of snack or else they get a bit soggy (which is not their fault) but still tasty! They don’t feel greasy or overwhelmingly sweet.

Irina Deikun

Got a large poke bowl with shoyu and hawaiian tuna today and it was incredible!! Veryyy delicious and a lot of fish. Definitely recommend!

Sandra Louise

Wow – that’s a lot of spicy tuna – very generous with the serving !!!
Had to try the doughnuts…omg. So good !
And the customer service is above average.

Michael Uzmann

Slinging cubed Tuna from Suite G of 6870 Spring Mountain Road since late 2016 Paina Café comes to Las Vegas from Honolulu, the combination of low prices, an ability to customize and #instagram “influencers” finding the space surprisingly popular despite its inconspicuous location.

Self described as “Home of the Original Poke Bowl,” a dubious claim that instead sees the concept operate like Yogurtland with a variety of bases and toppings, guests will find Paina Café tucked amidst Nail Salons and Greenland Supermarket with current hours from 11am until eight o’clock or later daily.

Also serving Sandwiches, Salads and sweets, the latter constituting the vast majority of marketing photos across social media, it was from a friend that six of Paina’s signature Mochi Donuts were delivered Friday at 3:30pm, their appearance admittedly eye-catching and $1.99 each cost on par with other artisan Doughnutteries in the Valley.

Originally popularized in Japan, Mister Donut’s well-known “pon de ring” later catching on in Hawaii before reaching America’s mainland, Mochi Donuts are made from Tapioca Flour and are naturally free of Gluten, their consistency often described as bouncy or light.

Featuring six flavors daily, most a simple variation in Glaze, it is with a light tug that individual orbs separate, Taro undeniably the best in terms of texture though the flavor is mostly like that of Krispy Kreme while Cookie Monster and Chocolate Brownie with textural bits also perform well.

Far better than when tasted in October, the oil less pronounced and interior not sticky, Ube doesn’t really taste any different than classic Glaze, while tangy Guava fares far better than decidedly artificial Strawberry.

THREE STARS: Named after the Hawaiian word for “gathering,” an odd thought in the era of COVID-19, Paina Café’s marketing would suggest the Poke Bowls are a distant second to Donuts in terms of focus and that being the case the only thing novel about their Mochi Rings is the shape and texture.

RECOMMENDED: Taro Mochi Donut, Chocolate Brownie Mochi Donut.

AVOID: Strawberry Mochi Donut.

Joe Yatsky

I came for poke and was entranced into getting a mochi donut. I will be back for more mochi donuts! The poke was fine, but clearly not their main item given the limited selection. But those donuts…oh man. Those were good

Cora Rapp

I came here before for the mochi donuts and poke bowl and it was good the first time I came. The second time I came, I ordered mochi donuts and the frosting on my donuts was crumbling and falling off. My salmon poke bowl was weirdly warm and cold…. The rice wasn’t hot but the fish was warm, as if it had been sitting on the hot rice for awhile. It made me nervous to eat so I threw it away. I from Hawai’i so I love my poke and poke bowls. I definitely was disappointed because it was good the first time I came.

Daniel Recinos

Very good food, but definitely slow to prepare it. It was absolutely worth the wait, though! The mochi donuts were delicious and ready very quickly.


This is by far one of the best places ever! Their mochi donuts are absolutely AMAZING. Their super sweet and are like super easy to eat. Their poke bowls are awesome, and their bento box was really good. A solid 10/10 for price, with out donuts it cost as much as McDonalds can some times. Definitely going again.

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