Hello Kitty Cafe Las Vegas in Las Vegas (Photos, Menu, Reviews & Ratings)

Hello Kitty Cafe Las Vegas

Address: 3784 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109, United States



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Rating: 4.5


What Time Does Hello Kitty Cafe Las Vegas Open?

Saturday,: 10AM to 10PM

Sunday,: 10AM to 10PM

Monday,: 10AM to 10PM

Tuesday,: 10AM to 10PM

Wednesday,: Closed

Thursday,: 10AM to 10PM

Friday,: 10AM to 10PM

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Hello Kitty Cafe Las Vegas Reviews

Rachel Burnette

This place is adorable! The desserts, beverages def speak for themselves. If you are fortunate, you can even snag a very close parking place on Park. Otherwise your closest bet is to use New York New York’s parking garage and walk on over.

My only complaint is the way ordering is set up. A large group of people “cut” my daughters and I. Then, they invited more of their friends to get in line in front of us. I suppose we could just call that a morality issue, but I feel like if the organization for the line was better executed that could’ve been avoided and since I was seriously outnumbered I didn’t squawk. Chose to balk instead, “Passive-Aggressive Karen” , but since the cashier could see what was happening alongside me, I didn’t tip as well as I usually do…

However, once my girls got their desserts and we sat down, it was pure bliss! You will LOVE the service, drinks and treats. I’d caution to only concern yourself with the flow of the line because that did stick with me, leaving a bit of a bad taste in my mouth.

Perhaps, they’ll fix that. Otherwise, enjoy!

Adriene Liggins

Loved it! I love anything Hello Kitty! The lemonade was delicious! I got a couple of souvenirs for my girls from there. It’s not a shop you can eat inside of, but they had a couple of hello kitty themed tables outside you could sit at. I would recommend getting there when they first open because there was a little bit of a wait in line.

Marie Mandet

Super cute café! Everything is in the theme of hello kitty and it is very well made! Tried the Thai ice tea which was original and very good!
Also had My melody cupcake which was beautiful and tasted great! Loved the cream on top!
Great place to have a sweet snack!

Jonathan Monjaras

Let’s be real the reason to come here is for the experience of Hello Kitty branding. It’s absolutely cute seeing all the characters on treats and t-shirts. The treats and drinks are good don’t get me wrong, but it’s all about the experience. Come early since the cutest treats sell out fast. Will come back to try more treats that were sold out.

Brady Burton

Three times I have seen the traveling Hello Kitty Café Food Truck back home. When I saw this location. I knew I had to make a stop on my way to New York New York. I stopped in with my friend and we had lemonade, pastry and cupcakes! Every item had a Hello Kitty theme and they were absolutely delicious! Will definitely need to stop when it’s back in my town. If you have a chance to stop you definitely should and get yourself a sweet treat!

Bobby Robert

The Hello Kitty Cafe is a fun little spot in Las Vegas. It’s basically a food truck. You can get hot or cold beverages and a sweet treat. They also have shirts and other merchandise. It’s in the middle of a nice, shady space with lots of tables and chairs so you can sit and enjoy your treat.

Jennifer La

Long line but worth the wait! They have merchandise available and so many sweets and drinks. We got the lemonades. If you come earlier, then they have more inventory especially the stuffed animals. They sell quickest and the water bottles. Friendly staff. If you ask them to show you a size for the apparel, then they’ll show you the samples for the right size.

brian perez

I loved it so much I came back two days in a row. A long line does form but if you get there at the right time you won’t wait so much but still worth it imo. Also it’s probably better if you go early rather than later as they do run out of certain things the later it gets. All the souvenirs are so cute, you’re going to want to buy them all. They pastries are actually pretty yummy and not just novelty. Same for the mango lemonade.


A must do if you’re a hello kitty fan!!! The location is adorable!!! I bought a T-shirt and a cookie and I was actually shocked at how yummy the cookie was! It’s really rare to eat a cutely decorated cookie that actually taste good. The line was long, but moved pretty quickly.


Adorable little spot, as expected. So many cute items to appreciate and choose from. Location was convenient and easy to spot. Coffee itself was adequate, and the cookie definitely satisfied my sugar craving. Would enjoy it more with better/more stable seating options, as the tables were all wobbly.

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