Olde Towne Donuts in Fenton (Photos, Menu, Reviews & Ratings)

Olde Towne Donuts

Address: 67 Fenton Plaza, Fenton, MO 63026

Phone: (636) 326-7617


Menu: View Online

Rating: 4.5


What Time Does Olde Towne Donuts Open?

Saturday,: 4AM to 12AM

Sunday,: 4AM to 12:20AM

Monday,: 4AM to 1:30PM, 8PM to 12AM

Tuesday,: 4AM to 1:30PM, 8PM to 12AM

Wednesday,: 4AM to 1:30PM, 8PM to 12AM

Thursday,: 4AM to 1:30PM, 8PM to 12AM

Friday,: 4AM to 1:30PM, 8PM to 12AM

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Olde Towne Donuts Reviews

Karrie S

Great selection… reasonable prices which are clearly marked on tags by donuts. Highly recommend!
Self-serve coffee and cappuccino. Friendly staff. Go get your donut fix!

Mitchell “BurDock Root” Bauman

Absolutely a wonderful bakery. Made fresh every morning. Shout out to all the bakers out there. It’s a lifestyle. My grandparents on the bakery for many moons… and I hope that they pass their knowledge down the line so that these bake goods stay hand made. Thanks Olde Towne Donuts

Catherine S

The best donuts! The only ones I buy. So fresh and the staff are friendly!

Ti Ti

I wanted to love this place since it was so strongly reviewed here and also people had personally talked it up to me. While it wasn’t awful, it was not great, either. No signage/pricing was present. Counter person was no help in that regard and seemed largely disinterested in my presence – which is always a bad way to start. Donuts were tasty, but seemed pretty stale. Somehow the creme filled chocolate one was dry! I know it was afternoon, so I wasn’t expecting that freshly cooked taste, but honestly, it seemed like there were cooked *yesterday* morning. Inventory/selection was pretty lacking, which again I know it was afternoon, but you advertise that you’re open 24 hours on Sunday, so in theory open another 9 hours…not very understandable to be running out at that point. And, as warned, they were pretty spendy… almost $5 for two donuts. Maybe they had a better deal for a half dozen or dozen – I might have bought a half dozen if there was a deal, but I wouldn’t know…cuz no pricing information.

Maybe I’ll try again in the morning, but located a ways from my house, so not often by there in the morning…and nothing I experienced would compel me to drive out of my way for them.

Lynne Cunningham

The clerk that waited on me was so kind and patient being I needed 6 dozen of donuts for a mail carrier retiring. The donuts were Great! The customer service was excellent! I was assisted to my vehicle with the donuts.

Mamasita1967 Limon/Rodriguez

Worst donuts ever!! Wanted to give my business to a local donut shop, this place is a Joke and a lot of hype, @$2 a doughnut they should be fresh not hard and stale. To top it off they sent me home with basic Carmel instead of what I asked for crunch Carmel. Returned to fix the order No apologize not a donut hole.
Walmart has better donuts than this sad overrated place. Save your $$ and and time. Major Disappointment

Jon LaRue

Staff was incredibly kind and nice. Especially to my little toddler. The donuts were absurdly cheap… Like to the point where I feel like I stole from them. Y’all can charge more IMO.

Jacob Aldridge

Not great. No pricing. Got there at 8:15ish and doughnuts felt stale. No sausage rolls. I got a maple bacon long John and the it wasn’t very good either. I stopped at a QT on the way home.

j ejh

Fast service!!! Even if the line is out the door, you won’t wait long. The donuts are a bit expensive, but the quality is good. Make sure to check their hours beforehand, sometimes they are closed during the day……

Diva Dawn

Absolutely amazing! It’s hard to find good apple fritters. The one I got from this shop was SO good!

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