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Address: 6035 Peachtree Rd, Atlanta, GA 30341



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Rating: 4.5


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James Voorhees

The concept is simple but the taste and texture of these doughnuts are unique and delicious. The doughnuts are pre-made and you just order what flavors you would like. The texture has a nice chewy and toothsome feel. The The flavors are subtle but flavorful and tasty.

Ashley Dalton

Delicious mochi donuts! Different flavors come in the variety half dozen. All of them were great and dangerously addictive!

Suzie Kim

Bought a box of 5 different flavors. They were really good, light, chewy, more like mochi than a doughnut. Excellent with hot tea!

Esther G.

must try! every donut is filled with sweet and unique flavors. Boxes are prefilled. Fortunately I got them as they were being dropped off.

Elena Lengerova

These are amazing and I am not even a donut person. They have wonderful texture that is crisp, chewy, light & fluffy! OMG! Theya re not overly sweet like every other donut! Just perfection! I had the Matcha OREO, Original Glaze and White Nutella…. Can’t decide which one is my favorite! LOL

Akemi Flores

If you did a blind taste test between the matcha and ube donuts, you wouldn’t be able to tell which is which. It basically tastes like sugar and food coloring. I didn’t know I’d be writing a review about donuts at 9:30 in the morning but for $15 for 6 of these tasteless bad boys, I’m triggered.


So yummy!! I wish there was a location closer to me. They are well worth the price. The shape is fun and the dounts are chewy and tasty – but not overly sweet. The employees are also very friendly.

Zurri Alwakeel

The donuts are great but you never know when they are sold out or just randomly closed. I left on my lunch break and nobody was there despite an h mart employee saying they were open over the phone.

Aimee Kay

Our mochi donuts were cooked perfectly, and I loved the texture they had. I’ve never had anything like it before!

Janet Lee

This location sells pre-boxed mochibee donuts until sold out! 6 donuts in the box and it looks like assortments change everyday. It is a stall located near food court.

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