Sweet-Stack Creamery in Atlanta (Photos, Menu, Reviews & Ratings)

Sweet-Stack Creamery

Address: 25 Piedmont Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30303

Phone: (404) 205-5002


Menu: View Online

Rating: 4.4

Website: http://www.sweet-stack.com/

What Time Does Sweet-Stack Creamery Open?

Saturday,: 12PM to 12AM

Sunday,: 12 to 11PM

Monday,: 12 to 11PM

Tuesday,: 12 to 11PM

Wednesday,: 12 to 11PM

Thursday,: 12 to 11PM

Friday,: 12PM to 12AM

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Sweet-Stack Creamery Reviews

Ramon McNally (DJ-ÐiGiT)

Great overall experience. Only issue was the milkshake machine seem to be out when I visited. I hope it isn’t a regular thing here. Great tasting ice cream, some vegan options, and service was fast. Got a sweet tooth right now? Can’t go wrong here and it doesn’t break the bank.

Raven Kimble

This place was very clean looking inside. The young lady who waited on us was knowledgeable about the ice cream I asked about. And the pictures/artistry where very nice inside. The ice cream itself was very good. I got 3 scoops, Black Panther, Let The Man Go, and Vegan Vanilla.

I Love the fact that this place is Black Owned….keep up the good work and stay strong.. ❤️ ✊

Raven Casey

I must admit, I was excited about visiting this black owned ice cream shop. My son wanted to try the ice cream sandwich. First of all, the place was very clean & inviting. They adhere to Covid procedures, and only allow 4 customers in the store at a time. I was a bit underwhelmed as the flavor of the birthday cake ice cream was just okay. And I was hoping for a homemade tasting cookie, but it was just average. My son enjoyed it enough that we will try it again. I love that they offer vegan options as well.

Scott C. Shoff

Always, a great ice cream treat can be found here!

Interesting flavors.

I never miss the Black Panther – activated charcoal, coconut, and vanilla wafers.

Lots of wet and dry toppings. However, I am satisfied with just their ice cream!

Everyone we have taken to Sweet-Stack love it as well.

Zeidy Rivera

I’ve gone a couple of times, and their ice cream always tastes fresh and it’s always delicious. You have one free topping for every order, even with their delicious milkshakes. You can also get a donut ice cream sandwich, which is huge so I recommend sharing it with someone else or going in with a very empty stomach, or a cookie ice cream sandwich. Flavors included are vanilla, the OG (cookies and cream), strawberry dream, blue monster, birthday cake, and others. There are vegan options as well, like coconut ice cream for example. Very much worth a visit! There’s free parking at the parking deck directly next to the shop so don’t worry about downtown parking!

Tiffany Lopez

I came to this place hoping to be fat girl status for the night and oh man was I disappointed. I ordered the donut ice cream sandwich which wasn’t anything like a donut ice cream sandwich. What was supposed to be a donut tasted like hard glazed bread. The ice cream wasn’t anything spectacular and the staff wasn’t much help either. Stood in line for about 15 minutes due to covid. Only 4 people at a time are allowed in the store which I understand but it just wasn’t worth the 45 minute drive, the money or the time. Will not return.

Kerri Lark

Just found a piece of hair in my ice cream … didn’t pick up the phone when i called. Also the employees were not wearing hair nets when reaching in to get ice cream. Third time having them very upset with it being hair in my late night snack

Mrs. Q Moultrie

Cute ice cream shop. Flavor options were ok. Nothing too exciting but the ice cream was good. Fairly priced and staff was nice. The young lady at the register was patient and helpful with lots of suggestions.
Only allows four patrons at a time inside as a Covid precaution yet an off the clock employee in her pajama shorts and head wrap popped in and went behind the counter (work space) to retrieve the bathroom key (which is not accessible to customers). I don’t want to say it was tacky but an employee, whether on the clock or not, should be a bit more considerate and professional. I would visit again.

karrie Weddle (Sylestia)

They did a popup behind Old Lady Gang last weekend and these donut ice cream sandwiches are sinfully delicious. Will definitely have to get by the brick and mortar store.

Berta B

Delicious ice cream – good variety and different topping options to choose from. I’d def recommend checking this creamery out if you’re in the area and have a sweet tooth.

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