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Address: Blackpole Retail Park, Blackpole Rd, Worcester WR3 8HP, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 1905 456686


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Rating: 3.6


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Saturday,: Open 24 hours

Sunday,: Open 24 hours

Monday,: Open 24 hours

Tuesday,: Open 24 hours

Wednesday,: Open 24 hours

Thursday,: Open 24 hours

Friday,: Open 24 hours

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Lightydreamer 21

Appalling customer service from some staff. At the drive through one day, one of the staff was so rude she didn’t even say a word, no hello or thanks. Also had the audacity to roll her eyes because I had to take the card machine to put the number in.

Another time we went to eat in and one of the staff was begging us to have his name put into a competition so he could win chocolates. It made my friend so uncomfortable she had to stop eating. He wouldn’t leave until he saw that I put his name on.

But the food is great and the cleanliness is good.

C Ray

Don’t normally write reviews but this place is genuinely terrible. This place has so many members of staff so it’s hard to imagine how they can be so slow. 3 cars in the drive through, all 3 of us told to park up and wait. Told they were waiting on fresh fries. The guy in front had his order wrong and when we got ours the fries were near enough cold so we were obviously lied to. Bad customer service is one thing but blatent lies are another. I know it’s a popular place but I certainly won’t be spending my money there ever again.

Andy Williams

I’m British which I like to think means I don’t like causing a fuss. So in order for me to leave a negative review it takes a LOT. I have not had a correct order from this restaurant in over 2 years. I normally forget this and visit around once a month. But tonight the “fast food” drive through took over 30mins, the food was stone cold and the order was wrong. I’m not sure they could have done anymore to mess it up. Avoid at all costs

Paula Goddard Paula Goddard

How can it be called fast food chain. It was packed to capacity. The drive in has 2 lanes until the order has gone through then gridlocked waiting to pay and receive order. Inside exactly the same then the just eat and deliveroo drivers also queuing. I lost the will to live but staff very calm courteous and did an ace job under pressure. Then on top of that a delivery arrived and driver needed a medal he drove and parked in a very limited area but unloaded without a drama. Not sure if I would go again too much hassle but expect grandchildren will persuade me. Top marks to all the staff

Jie Blogs

Clean and tidy .staff seem cheerful and happy and they got my order right unlike KFC!! Tasty food cooked correctly and more to the point cheap coffee great service .the staff are a credit to the company!!!


Extremely slow service, cold coffee served up without a word. Took coffee back two minutes later to complain/replace. Not a word was uttered to me. Staff it seems have not had the “McDonald’s” training or customer service course.

lynne Norton

Good chicken choices, quick service, tasted good …..but fries go cold too soon and then my grandchildren find they are too unpleasant to eat. Macs’ could provide a keep warm box with closing lid for all portions.

Russell/Millie smith

Always get asked to wait in the bay when using the drive through for even the most basic menu items, and when your food eventually arrives it usually appears to have been prepared by an orangutan.

Simon Neville

Only okay
Is it difficult for a McDonalds to stand out as better than all the other Macdonald Restaurants because they are all so formulaic?
The staff could add individuality and flare couldn’t they?
It would ne nice to understand what words the teenaged boy is slurring at you through the Drive Thru loud speaker for example.
It would be nice to be pleasantly surprised by the burger being hot as opposed to very warm indeed … just once would be nice.
But you won’t get that here for sure.

David Porter

Toilets were appalling as disabled was locked as was the pan in the gents. The soap on the gents was run out. Service was quick but we only had two teas and two mcflurrys.

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