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Address: 9 Sansome St, Worcester WR1 1UH, United Kingdom



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Rating: 4.5


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Boots 38 discovers

We had dinner else where in Worcester and decided to have ice cream here. We have been meaning to visit since it opened, we only live up the road.

We throughly enjoyed it.
A really smart place that would not sit out of place in bigger cities.

Loved the ICYBAO, indulgent and a lovely treat.


friendly, approachable, helpful staff. Amazing doughnuts with icecream fillings loads of really cool and unique flavours and all locally sourced. Highly recommended.


Great ice cream, reasonable prices. Had the Icy Bao which is a warm donut with either one or two scoops inside and a scoop in a tub for my daughter. Great flavours, we tried biscoff, cookies and cream and milk and cereal.
All were delicious! Milk and cereal is almost an ice cream suitable for breakfast

Marie Fish

Went here as a treat for my daughter, she loved it – more than creams /swirly joes. Ice cream and doughnut was nice and the different flavours were fab, plus you can try them. Not the cheapest but still great service, clean decor and friendly staff. We’ll be going back for sure.

Max Mann

Great staff. Helpful with choosing flavours and learning more about the company. Great ice cream with unique flavours.

Jolene Smith

Ice cream is very nice, different flavours from the norm you get. Friendly staff and nice clean place. Will definitely go back!

Lucy Hope

It’s fine, kind of expensive for what it is and limited options. Glad I came once to check out the atmosphere but probably won’t be back. Nothing wrong with it, but I had a waffle which I felt was more expensive and less good than a local desert place and we also had a full English which was more expensive and less good than other local places.

Sophie Dalton

After having visited Hanbao for dinner our lovely waitress told us we would get a small discount at Icybao if we took our receipt in. Neither my partner nor I had heard of Icybao but it was just around the corner so we had a look.

Amazing idea…donut ice cream sandwich. Tasted amazing. Definitely going back.

James Ashton

A triumph of marketing over substance. Swish surroundings and ambitious pricing meets odd flavours with no discernible quality. Chocolate pieces in the chocolate cookie dough flavour hadn’t even had a brief encounter with cacao and the lychee disaster tasted like soap. Quite simply the worst “premium” icecream I have tasted.

Sian Taylor

We were led to believe after eating at hanbao that we ALL had a 20% discount at icybao. However, only 1 of the 5 people were able to use this with the others having to pay full price. OK if you like ice cream but not much of a variety of desserts.

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