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Krispy Kreme

Address: 633 Evans St SW, Atlanta, GA 30310

Phone: (404) 758-6868

Price: $

Menu: View Online

Rating: 4.1


What Time Does Krispy Kreme Open?

Saturday,: 6AM to 12AM

Sunday,: 6AM to 12AM

Monday,: 6AM to 12AM

Tuesday,: 6AM to 12AM

Wednesday,: 6AM to 12AM

Thursday,: 6AM to 12AM

Friday,: 6AM to 12AM

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Krispy Kreme Reviews

Tasha Anderson

I usually don’t leave reviews, but I got to tell ppl about my experience today 9-4-22 at 11:30am .Get to the menu board I sat 10 minutes before someone acknowledge that I was there. I ordered 2 dozen of regular glazed donuts paid 26 dollars and some change. The cashier was nice but the girl who handed me my 2 dozen caught a whole attitude rolling eyes ,tune up lip and all because I ask for a small bag and that seemed to really bother her. Bad customer service and I will never spend money here again. I gave only one star because the donuts was fresh and hot

Lady Dee

$4.00 for a dozen of donuts today therefore the line was long we were in line for over 30 minutes of course everybody must have known today’s deal. It was so busy the light stayed on, it never went off.

Jason Guo

Both website and maps need to be updated to reflect actual hours. We ordered 168 donuts online which offered a pickup time of 10:15. However, when we arrived, they were closing and claimed that we had put in the order late despite putting it in the previous day. We were charged the money but could not get our donuts at the specified time.

Victoria D Williams

Hot glaze still great but price like everything else is too high for a single donut. 3 pack now almost $5 & dozen $13+. I’m gonna learn how to make my own. I’m just saying ☺️

Yellie Belle

We waited in drive-thru as the red light was on yesterday around 7:40PM. Once we reached the order box no one greeted or said anything. We sat for moments more still no one to our order. We drove to the pay/pickup window and the woman stated we were supposed to place our order back there…. we explained no one ever came to take our order or say anything. The on-duty manager advised no add-ons could be placed at the window. I asked ma’am we’ve been in line 30 minutes no one addressed us. Told us to drive back around and place our order.

Didn’t even plan to stop by this evening. As my mother is visiting town, she noticed the red light was on. She doesn’t get to see much of this living in the north these days. It was a spontaneous treat stop after dinner. Didn’t get any desert we just drove away by this time the red light was already off.

Cris Rosario

Donuts are fresh, but this place is sketchy. Be mindful of your surroundings. If you come at a certain hour be ready to wait and put up with some employees that don’t seem to want to be working there. Overall the donuts are on point.

Bettina Baldwin

The best donuts that u will ever have! Fresh, warm & delicious original glazed & other amazing assortments of cream filled, old fashioned cake & cinnamon roll donuts. Get ready for pumpkin spice!

Marcus McKendrick

Slow AF. Line was all the way in the street. When I got to drive thru they only had about 5 different donuts available out of all of their options. Only stayed because it was my daughter’s birthday request for donuts.

Folasade Ogbara

I usually like this location, but I did have one bad experience recently and I’m only bringing it up bc I feel it’s relevant to the times. I placed my order and pulled up to the window. The young lady processed my order with the same gloves she used to prepare my order. . . No ma’am. That’s called cross contamination and it defeats the purpose of having gloves if you’re going to do that. I asked her about it in a light manner. She said that she did carry out what I had witnessed. Okay boom. So she said she’d fix me another box. Why did it take 5 minutes to throw three doughnuts in a box for the correction? And the doughnuts weren’t warm, so I wasn’t waiting on them to be fresh. A different girl handed me the box as she rolled her eyes. Didn’t apologize for the inconvenience, none of that. When I got home I THREW THOSE DOUGHNUTS STRAIGHT IN THE TRASH. Idk for sure if anything was done to the doughnuts but I know for a fact I didn’t trust them. KK got a $5 donation from me that day.

Jeremy Adams

They are slow and ghetto. The cashier in the window attitude was so nasty I just drove off without ordering .

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