Haven On Earth Bakery & Deli in Reno (Photos, Menu, Reviews & Ratings)

Haven On Earth Bakery & Deli

Address: 10855 Double R Blvd, Reno, NV 89521

Phone: (775) 284-4200

Price: $$

Menu: View Online

Rating: 4.2

Website: http://www.havenonearthbakery.com/

What Time Does Haven On Earth Bakery & Deli Open?

Saturday,: 8:30AM to 4PM

Sunday,: Closed

Monday,: 8:30AM to 4PM

Tuesday,: 8:30AM to 4PM

Wednesday,: 8:30AM to 4PM

Thursday,: 8:30AM to 4PM

Friday,: 8:30AM to 4PM

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Haven On Earth Bakery & Deli Reviews

Harry Thomas

The folks here were very nice and approachable and happy to talk about their products. I asked if they happen to have any breads that did not have canola oil in it and the helpful young lady told me they do sell what they call peasant bread… I think that was a name…. Which I picked up along with a couple of vegan sweets. The vegan sweets were outstanding. I thought the bread was a little dry but then again it would be the perfect bread to slather with oil or gravy. I was told that you can call them ahead of time and make a request so they can hold an order for you.


So happy to have somewhere to go get a yummy sandwich! I have Celiac so my options are very limited but love the Ruben here. Also recommend their sourdough bread loaves, they are pretty big size for gluten free bread and quite tasty toasted (I would like it to be a little more sour personally but overall happy). I hope they will continue getting enough support because I would be so sad if they had to close. Having a dedicated GF place is awesome. Thanks Haven.

Katie Orlopp

Great food. Got there at 3:05 looking for sandwiches (no sandwiches after 3:00). No prices listed. Ended up spending $75 (got quite a bit of stuff). Wanted to try a mini quiche before deciding whether to take a big quiche home. Told the gal that’s what I was doing at that we’d come from a ways away. She tried to give it to me to go, I think to shoo me out the door. I asked for a fork because I wanted to eat it there. “Well you can have a fork but you can’t sit down.” The chairs were stacked in a corner. The family after us also spent $70 and also couldn’t sit down. I saw the dad looking for a place to sit to enjoy is pastry. Kinda weird. So get the food but don’t expect any hospitality. I suspect the employees are not treated well. The place reeks of bad management.

Miosha Oliver

Love the vast selection of treats. My favorite is the chocolate cream desert. The cinnamon roll was sweet but not too sweet.

Brittany Gish

Super disappointing. As a celiac I thought this would be heaven for me. Truth is , the things I bake at home are far superior. Their cupcakes were dry . Very sub par. If gluten free is your whole business, you should really take the time to perfect it. Batch has better gf cupcakes. Super disappointed.

Ricepaper Tea

Bought a few loaves here, was so excited to try them all. Being that it is advertised as a dedicated gluten free facility, I thought for sure, as a Celiac I’d be safe. I ate half a parmesan baguette, first thing today, and within proper timeframe, became ill with classic gluten exposure symptoms (which for me are unmistakable and unique to gluten exposure). I really wanted to like this place (and I still want to like it), it pains me to write this honestly having had such high hopes for this place, but, if you have Celiac Disease like me, I can’t in good faith, recommend eating here.

Valerie Cook

Happened upon this charming Gluten Free Bakery this week and I was impressed! I love to bake and since finding out I need to the GF, it has been an adventure to find/make tasty strawberry cupcakes.
Haven On Earth did not disappoint!! Best strawberry cupcake I’ve had in a very long time! The frosting is scrumptious, the cupcake is moist, and the whole giant cupcake was consumed in delight!
The brownie is still awaiting consumption, soon my friend, very soon.
The Raisin bread, toasted with a little butter, made the perfect breakfast treat!

Now the best part, the young lady at the counter was so nice and patient. I was like a kid in a candy store and could barely contain my delight when she said it was a Gluten Free dedicated bakery. Oh my heavens I am going to gain so many pounds now but they’ll be happy pounds!

Mary Montalvo

Can’t recommend enough. Really top notch breakfast sandwiches and reubens. They have a great selection classic treats, specialty breads, and take and bake options. They also have a lot of vegan options as well! A must try if you’re in Reno.

Robertas Travelings

Absolutely loved the service in the baked goods here. It’s so nice being able to get gluten free things that make you feel normal. It would have to say the BLT was amazing but the bacon on it was quite disappointing…. Turkey pesto was totally on point and my gluten eating bf loved it


A Walking Dead birthday cake for my 50th. I mean, come on! It was amazing! The top was vanilla cake, bottom was chocolate. Strawberry filling. The chocolate was a little more moist than the vanilla, but as someone who has recently had to go gf, I feel like I’ve tried almost everything. GF baked goods tend to be on the dry side most of the time, it seems. You could tell a lot of thought and effort went into designing the cake. There was a fondant Lucille bat complete with barb wire on the top! The fondant was a little too thick in places, but that was my son’s favorite part, so I’m not complaining. The cake was a huge hit (no pun intended). I also tried a lemon doughnut. So good! Very lemony and tart. Coffee cake was also good.
They ship (I live in Oregon), and I think I’m going to eventually try their cheese loaf bread. It looks really good.

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