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Gerald’s Donuts

Address: 6901 St Claude Ave, Arabi, LA 70032, United States

Phone: +1 504-277-0030


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Rating: 4.2


What Time Does Gerald’s Donuts Open?

Saturday,: Open 24 hours

Sunday,: Open 24 hours

Monday,: Open 24 hours

Tuesday,: Open 24 hours

Wednesday,: Open 24 hours

Thursday,: Open 24 hours

Friday,: Open 24 hours

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Gerald’s Donuts Reviews

Dan Harder

Great food, friendly staff, open all night, and just a stone’s throw from Jackson Barracks. This place is the best! I’ve been coming here for years. Try the most flavorful burgers in New Orleans or the best donuts around. Their omelettes are great too!


Have to give a 5 because it is more than a 4 star. Open 24 hours. Nice little diner which was what we wanted. Donuts are great and breakfast was fine too. Big Ole pancake too. Nice to have a 24 hour place like this.

Jamie Green

I went in on June 3rd and ordered some mini burgers and Hotshots. Allegedly the cook had quit, and the manager was on the grill. I don’t think anything of it because I always eat here while at work. I received my order but didn’t check until I made it home(my fault). Only to look and the meat on my hot shots was ridiculously small and hard. I called and spoke to the manager, and he pretty much argued me down, saying it wasn’t true and then had another female “take my name and information down” so I could get some at a later date. Fast forward to today, June 8th. No one knows, and they will need another 24-48hrs to look into the situation. I wasted $30 bucks and my time. 0/10

Rome Davis

Entitled worker. I order onion rings through Uber eats. They was salty by the way. Who doesn’t eat onion rings with ketchup? Be foreal . So I called Shes gone say “did you put ketchup on the ticket.”
Why tf should I have request ketchup specifically on it’s own, ??? she deserved to be hung up on. She got treated how she sounded pitiful . Why would I want big thick onion rings with no sauce. Had put mustard on there that’s all I had at home. Im calling in morning to make a complaint because it’s the little things that make you lose business and im pretty sure whoever own this place wouldn’t be able to pay her salary if it wasn’t for the customers money. Like me !!! Won’t be ordering again ordered two glazed donuts they only sent one. It was old stale and stuck to the bag I threw it out without even eating it ! I ate about four onion rings and threw that out too. To much thick batter to salty and dry from no ketchup. How hard is it to work at a diner girl bye !!!! Before you want to have a nonchalant attitude. Learn how to at least be able to do the basics.

Kimberly Smith

I wish I could give this place a 0 the staff is rude the donuts I received seemed like they was a few days old when the hot donut sign was flashing I called to speak with someone about it when I got home I was told a manager was was not available but they would call back the next day this was two days ago I called today was told a manager was not there and hung up on me will never go yo this business again. horrible customer service I only wanted to bring them back these old donuts to get fresh ones and to get what I paid for and tipped.

Ashley Greenwood

Stopped here to pick up a friends gender reveal king cake which I didn’t know anyone did. Ended up getting a small one for myself just to try and it was pretty good. Definitely made fresh and icing was good. They have different sizes and flavors they ranged from 22 to 5 for the small One I got. I have had their breakfast a few times and it is good and so are the burgers!

Zack_ Legacy

We decided to sit outside, since we was a big family they handed the menu and told us you have to come back in to order your food. Which one of us had to write down the order to bring it to them. Basically doing there job and then when the drinks came in it was to go drinks when we specifically said we was dining in.
Bad experience all together.

Airhead Jr

Had a great time driving to New Orleans to try these Donuts everyone in the car was very satisfied I highly recommend stopping at this place and giving them a try. We had great service we got from precious ask for her by name

Charles Wright

For the 2nd time this week we ordered food and it wasn’t right. Finally called and tried to fix it and was told that they have a new cook and she don’t care. When we went with the wrong food to get it fixed she called the police and had us escorted out. Over making the correct food that we paid for. Have pictures and a police report to confirm everything.

Mindy Hartwick

I ordered 12 donuts, I wanted 4 hot glaze as I was getting others. The server said that I have to order 6 glaze minimum even though I was ordering others.
I said no thanks. What a ridiculous rule. Lol. The service is a joke here.

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