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Address: 13880 Cedar Rd, University Heights, OH 44118

Phone: (216) 932-0000

Price: $

Menu: View Online

Rating: 3.9

Website: https://locations.dunkindonuts.com/en/oh/university-heights/13880-cedar-rd/351613?utm_source=google&utm_medium=local&utm_campaign=localmaps&utm_content=351613&y_source=1_MTIxMTQ3OTctNzE1LWxvY2F0aW9uLndlYnNpdGU%3D

What Time Does Dunkin’ Open?

Sunday,: 5AM to 8PM

Monday,: 5AM to 8PM

Tuesday,: 5AM to 8PM

Wednesday,: 5AM to 8PM

Thursday,: 5AM to 8PM

Friday,: 5AM to 8PM

Saturday,: 5AM to 8PM

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Dunkin’ Reviews

Jenny C

I barely write a review or complain of anything, but the service from the black lady whom seems like in charge over there is extremely horrible. All other staffs over there are very friendly but except her. This is the second time I got the issue with her but I didn’t ask anything to her last time. Getting breakfast here almost every other day with same order and paying the same amount. I went there this morning and get the same order from drive thru and paying a different amount that I used to and then I asked the cashier why the price is different then I paid yesterday? the cashier told me she didn’t take the order and ask the black lady who took the order and she came over said “our price went up, bye.“ and she left. WHAT???? This is not called the customer service! I’ve been charged more is because she charged me 2 butters instead of regularly one butter. I don’t mind paying 70cent more where I didn’t ask for anything additional but her rudeness customer service is not acceptable! So I asked for the Manager or boss. she just ignored my questioning why she charged me 2 butters and said “not here”. I asked the cashier for a refund and got my breakfast from other DD! Will definitely not going back to here anymore!!!!The lady shouldn’t be working as front of house!!!

Justin FU

The food and drinks are solid and they are fast. The person that takes the orders at the drive thru probably needs to get paid more to do a better job. She was very short, spoke too fast, and just seemed angry. It’s a shame. Customer service is a hard job and it turns people into bitter fragments of themselves. I’m sure she is a decent person but it is clear she hates her job and she takes it out on the customers. It’s a very unpleasant ordering experience.

Shannon V

Damn, quick af!! I didn’t even have time to pull my card out and my coffeee/food was ready. Corporate must be really emphasizing that timer clock they’re imposing on their poor employees, lol great job guys!

Fama Bell

If I can give them a negative star, I would. This place has the worse customer service. The manager is not pleasant and very rude. This is my second situation and my last, I was refused to be served my food and was threatening to have the police called on me, all this in front of my kids, all because he feels as though, in his word “he has that power if he wants to”,because I was complaining to him about how rude he is and his other worker. I will never Waste my time going there.

Carolyn Herrlin

Ive never had an issue with Dunkin. However today, the worker was extremely rude and would not add points for our order. We tried to have her scan the QR code and she refused. Extremely rude and inconsiderate. I didnt want to go through the trouble of asking for the manager since we were in a hurry.


As a local Bostonian, this is the worst Dunkin’ I’ve ever been to. The app allowed me to order for walk in, but when I arrived the front doors were closed. I pounded until they opened them, informing me that it was Drive-in only after 2 PM. I informed them that they shouldn’t have allowed me to order with the walk in preference on the app if that were the case. They told me to go through the drive-through, so I walked to the drive-through window. Despite ordering two simple coffees 10 minutes prior, they had yet to begin making my order. They rudely asked me to step aside to allow the next car in the drive-through to pick up their order. I declined the offer, and held up the line. When they finally handed me my coffee, this is what the one cream order looked like. I estimate they added about five creams. Never coming here again

Mtoo Ctoo

This dunkins is hit or miss as far as dunks go, there is 1 gentleman that works the window, big dude, everytime he is there it’s on point but otherwise I am usually disappointed

Cassie Russell

Dude my bagel bites were room temp, so I didn’t eat them because it’s cream cheese & didn’t wanna chance getting sick from room temp dairy. They are discontinuing hazelnut and brown sugar flavors which is the big bummer. But my drink was made right!!

Tara Cohen

Best Dunkin’ Donuts in Cleveland area. They get my order right every single day, no matter if it’s the morning or afternoon. They are all so nice!

Will Bachrach

Super clean amd new! However, They charge a dollar for a cup of tap water.

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