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Durango Bakery

Address: 2418 NE Central Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55418

Phone: (612) 706-7950

Price: $

Menu: View Online

Rating: 4.3


What Time Does Durango Bakery Open?

Saturday,: 5AM to 8PM

Sunday,: 5AM to 7PM

Monday,: 5AM to 8PM

Tuesday,: 5AM to 8PM

Wednesday,: 5AM to 8PM

Thursday,: 5AM to 8PM

Friday,: 5AM to 8PM

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Durango Bakery Reviews

frank wetzel

Great selection of Mexican baked goods. Low prices. Nice hard working family owned place.
Cheer them on.
They deserve it.

Eduardo Flores

This place is definitely lacking compared to a few years ago. The prices are good but the selection is small and the atmosphere sucks. The ecuador panaderia across the street is more expensive but a much nicer shopping experience.

Jayna Swenson

Quite Sunday morning as an out of towner Google search bakery’s and Durango Bakery is where I ended up!! WOW, not a donut shop but everything else that i never even was expecting! Amazing, kid in a candy store & cannot wait to go back and get another variety pack! Was not sure on what to do and things were not all labeled but pasties worth it!

stephanie rogers

Wonderful service, prices and amazing AUTHENTIC flan! Went next door, to the “fancier” Mexican restaurant and also ordered their flan to compare the two… Not only was the price difference unbelievable (2.75 at Durango to a whopping $8 at said restaurant) but the taste was simply uncomparable. Durango’s was sweet, spongy, and melted in my mouth,while the restaurants took 15minutes, had overripe raspberries thrown on top, an uncomplimnetary “Sherry sauce” over that, and the consistency more like a soggy pudding than that of a quality,fluffy flan. The Bakery’s portion was three times the size and less than half the price! I mean,come on here!!! For my first time trying this lovely little gem out, I can’t wait to get back and see what other treats I’ve yet to discover! Thanks to Durango Bakery and their staff for the service, quality, and price that’s such a rarity to find! TEN stars from this happy customer! Keep up the great work!!

Pruthvi Vadlamudi

Very friendly service, reasonable prices for the pastries. The place is small but it has got good vibes. They have a variety of birthday cakes and they are delicious. Especially the tres Leches cake are the best. They serve other pastires too which are delicious as well. The people are really polite and their service is really good.

archit bhise

Amazing place to buy stale bakery items at more than average prices.

Gordy Moore

This is one of those places in Northeast that (for no particular reason) I never made it to until recently–and I am now wishing I hadn’t waited so long to stop in! So far, I have tried and enjoyed their bread products such as bolillo, telera, wheat rolls, and croissants (large and small), along with their sweets such as conchas (excellent!), churros, donuts, molasses cookies, polvorones (tri-color cookies), M&M cookies, and more!

Durango is a traditional Mexican bakery, which is great–it compares favorably to other panaderias I’ve bee the prices really are incredibly reasonable. So far, the selection has really varied each time I’ve been there, and be warned that there are no labels, as others have said. The staff have been super helpful and are willing to answer questions. Not everything I’ve purchased has tasted the freshest/best quality, but I have gone in the latter half of the day, since Durango is open later (yay!) than any other bakery I’m aware of in NE.

Marlon Moore

I just stopped in to Durango bakery as I was walking along Sandra. Never before have I been here, when I tell you that the churros that I devoured when I left this place are SOO amazing, im not lying! I am going to make it a point to go earlier in the morning one day because I can only imagine they would be even better fresh out of the fryer! LOVE LOVE LOVE


We get the tres leches cake from here for any birthdays in our house and it’s one of the best cakes I had. They maintain good quality n it tastes really good everytime

Jennifer Markey

My daughter and I host a food review show on YouTube, so we were excited to try this nice little bakery for some fresh pastries and coffee on a Saturday morning. Nothing was labeled, but the young man behind the counter suggested a couple things and we decided to take about a half-dozen items home to try. Here are our takeaways on all the things we tasted:

Coffee-terrible. Should be free. Weak Folgers. Would not pay for.
Churro-old, stale, spongy; could not even cut it with a steak knife. Not sweet. No cinnamon. Hard pass.
Croissant-dry and chewy. No good.
Sweet empanada-pretty good; not super-sweet (which we liked). Filling was good.
Apple-filled thing (like I said, nothing is labeled)-good pastry, however the filling is canned, I believe
Cream-filled thing-pretty good; I think the cream filling is house made. Their pastry crust is nice and flaky and tastes really good.
Pineapple-filled croissant-style bread thing-really good. Filling is possibly house made and that bread is delicious.
Cream-filled croissant-style bread thing with sugar dusting-super delicious! This was one of our winners. A really nice little not-too-sweet pastry that went great with our sad Folgers coffee.
Concha (the only thing I actually know the name of)- OMG SO GOOD! Our number one favorite thing. Very light and just enough chewy breadiness. Very lightly sweet, and that sugar topping is dee-lish. Would buy again.
Tres leches cake- so disappointing. The frosting must be made with shortening because the mouth feel is very distinctive to shortening. Blech. The frosting also did not have great flavor. Very lackluster. The cake is actually decent, but not awesome. The milk mixture at the bottom does not have a good flavor (I’ve had this cake before and it is one of my favorites). The whole cake together just fell flat on flavor for me.

I will return in the future, but I will keep in mind what the good stuff is and skip the rest.

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