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Address: 2329 44th St SW, Wyoming, MI 49519


Price: $

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Rating: 3


What Time Does Dunkin’ Open?

Saturday,: 5AM to 9PM

Sunday,: 5AM to 9PM

Monday,: 5AM to 9PM

Tuesday,: 5AM to 9PM

Wednesday,: 5AM to 9PM

Thursday,: 5AM to 9PM

Friday,: 5AM to 9PM

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Ayla Jones

As of now they are open! Everyone was friendly and the drinks were done before we finished ordering. Definitely worth coming back

Chuck E.

FYI–Be prepared for a minimum 30 to 45 minute wait per order! We always like to root on the new guys! Employees were being friendly and doing their best to keep up! Good Luck!!


Hit the drive thru to tonight and order a decalf. The explained that they were out and were already brewing a new pot. 1 minute later I had it in hand along with a very friendly service .

Sheri Benedict

Terrible service. Unfortunately i am very partucular about how my coffee is made. Everytime i go to this store i have to have them remake my coffee after they try giving it to me wrong. Very frustrating. Donuts are always dry. My faith in humanity has fallen once again…

Marcelle Hall

Why are donuts not fresh should be made thru out the day and bakers come in early to start ,and work thru out the day,peanut donuts peanuts were stale the. Sugar coated chocolate cream filled donuts were nasty,I was so excited this stuff is suppose to be fresh all day. I will not be back Meijer donuts are far better. I use to drive division and 60th to east Paris for donuts…no more .don’t know how ya gonna stay in biz. Will throw away stale
Peanuts and not fresh donut.

mzmontana williams

I have been to this location 3xs now and all 3 xs has not been good. The drinks are not tasting like the other Dunkins I been to. They remake the drinks and they are worse. I might have to wait until this location get more training on perfecting these drinks because they are not cheap!! (DISAPPOINTED AT THIS MOMENT)

Debra Anderson

I am willing to allow for a new business and new employees… But there were at least 6 employees behind the counter, with no inside customers except us. Tables were dirty and the wastebasket overflowing. It seems someone could have been wiping tables and emptying trash.
This location is extremely difficult to access and with a supply truck in front, almost impossible to navigate the parking lot. Oh, and they had not yet been able to predict donut sales, so literally got the two stale donuts. I hope a good training of employees will be happening soon!

Mary Huerta

Our FIRST TIME AT DUKIN Donuts on 44th st in Wyoming, Mi. That just opened , we went there, and no donuts we had our hope to eat a pumpkin donut or any donuts and NOPE very very Poor service NEVER AGAIN!

Leandro Binuya

Very slow service, even though they had almost 10 people working. They forgot to make my sandwich because one of the workers was about to take a break and she ordered three sandwiches for herself. I asked if they were making my sandwich and she said that yes, but indeed, they didn’t even have the order so I ended up waiting for 20 minutes, I do not recommend this if you want to go in and out for breakfast.

Kaden Cloud

I was very excited to finally stop by after months of anticipation during construction. Unfortunately, my first trip at this Dunkin’ was subpar. I ordered half a dozen assorted donuts, and only got 4, as well as two missing orders of hash browns. I will be giving this Dunkin’ another chance eventually, but my first trip was quite a disappointment.

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