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Doughnut Dollies

Address: 1963 Howell Mill Rd NW, Atlanta, GA 30318

Phone: (404) 365-5437


Menu: View Online

Rating: 4.3


What Time Does Doughnut Dollies Open?

Saturday,: 8AM to 3PM

Sunday,: 8AM to 3PM

Monday,: Closed

Tuesday,: 7AM to 2PM

Wednesday,: 7AM to 2PM

Thursday,: 7AM to 2PM

Friday,: 7AM to 2PM

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Doughnut Dollies Reviews

Jennifer Ali

My go to neighborhood donuts place.
They are always so fresh and I love all their flavors. Dulce de leche is my favorite!


I wish they had great donuts but unfortunately it’s just a gourmet marketing ploy to charge you near 5 dollars for one stale weird tasting donut. I like feeling fancy and all but I love delicious donuts way more. I don’t like writing negative reviews. I’m sorry Dollies is not for me.

Nan Murphy

I don’t usually enjoy doughnuts, I’m also not super tolerant of sugar, so my opinion is unfortunate. They did have a lot of cool flavors and toppings and the staff member we met was very patient and informative. And my husband who loves doughnuts, really enjoyed it !

Megan Thomas

My bf came here because I love the DD in Virginia Highlands. They make me the perfect latte and still very strong. This latte that he brought me from this location was literally all milk and maybe a splash of coffee… kinda gross.


Very cute donut shop on Howell Mill Road! I was impressed by the cleanliness when I walked in. It is no ‘The Salty’, but my donuts were still good! I had the Christmas Donut Box which included a Yule Donut, Linzer, Tiramisu, and Cannoli. My fave donut was the tiramisu and again everything else was just ok. I would go back again, however and try their other donut flavors!

Ania S.

I’ve been driving past this place for almost 2 years and finally made it in this morning. The customer service was stellar and the place was the cleanest donut shop I’ve ever been in my life! You can tell everything is made with thoughtfulness and care even before taking a bite. Highly, highly recommend.

Lindsey Lowry-Yu

My husband went first thing in the morning at opening time thinking we would get freshly made donuts. We ordered 5 varieties at the Howell Mill location across the street from us.

(This was our second visit. First time we weren’t very impressed but we gave it a second chance before reviewing)

Unfortunately these donuts were not fresh either time, at least not the glazed and the old fashioned. We were surprised at this given that this is a specialty donut shop. Considering the high cost, and that one could likely grab a fresh donut at Publix across the way, that was disappointing.

Secondly, I found a hair in my blueberry lavender donut. Really wish I didn’t see that.

I like the texture of the cake donuts, but the flavor was too sweet for my taste. Someone said it was like an high class Dunkin Donuts. I would agree with that.

Sad to have to leave anything other than a glorifying review. But considering some of the other reviews saying similar things, it doesn’t seem to have much impact. Still, lots of potential for this place if they make freshness a priority.

Mackenzie R (Kenzo)

So far I’ve tried three donuts and they were all INCREDIBLE. You can tell they put a lot of care into their product. I’ll be back to try literally every donut they bake 🙂

Alex Ravenel

Ordered a bunch of custom donuts for my child’s birthday party in lieu of cupcakes. When we showed up to pick them up, they had somehow lost the order, leaving us scrambling to find alternate cake/treat arrangements 30 minutes before a birthday party. To be fair they were apologetic, but either way they left us up the creek without a paddle. Unacceptable given the price.

Erin S.

Three of us went at 11:40 am on a Saturday. They still had a decent selection of donuts left.

In COVID times, the employee was wearing a mask and gloves. They have donuts on the floor to mark 6 feet apart, which was a cute touch.

We got 3 donuts, ranked in order of preference:
– Vanilla Bean Glazed: We all really liked the glaze. No question about this donut being our favorite.
– Sweet Jane: Powdered donut sandwich with buttercream filling. We liked that the filling was light and not heavy. It reminded us of cupcake icing.
– Cereal: The fruit loops on top were staaaaale, like very stale. They were hard and gross, which was distracting. This is the reason for the 4 stars.

I’m actually not sure how much each donut was. Their sign has 4 different tiers, but their display case only had 3 shelves, so I don’t know which one was which. Prices range from $2.25-$3.75.

We also got iced coffee, from Jittery Joes, which was good ($3.00 for small, $3.50 for large). She asked how much creamer we wanted, so it was nice to have a say in that.

There is another donut place nearby that is better that I would return to before I returned to this one. Still fun to try though!

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