Sprinkles Americana in Glendale (Photos, Menu, Reviews & Ratings)

Sprinkles Americana

Address: 629 Americana Way, Glendale, CA 91210

Phone: (818) 549-4166

Price: $$

Menu: View Online

Rating: 4.2

Website: https://sprinkles.com/pages/location-americana?utm_source=google%20my%20business&utm_medium=listing&utm_campaign=visit%20website

What Time Does Sprinkles Americana Open?

Saturday,: 10AM to 10PM

Sunday,: 10AM to 8PM

Monday,: 10AM to 9PM

Tuesday,: 10AM to 9PM

Wednesday,: 10AM to 9PM

Thursday,: 10AM to 9PM

Friday,: 10AM to 10PM

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Sprinkles Americana Reviews

Marie Edwards

I came here to buy my usual which is chocolate with marshmallows but they didn’t have them today. My heart to a few to take with me but since they didn’t have my favorite I didn’t feel like ordering the rest. But all in all their cupcakes are super delicious. I definitely recommend them.

Denise Owens

I am not a fan of the new Kiosk system. You have to order on a Kiosk now, and it takes people a long time to order. The Kiosk lags every time I go, and it’s also unsanitary. I’ve been going to this location for years, and it seems to have gone downhill to me. Also, they haven’t had all of the flavors each time I go. Plus, they ask for tips on the Kiosk, but I’m doing all of the ordering. What’s the point. And, their price is so expensive for a cupcake that has shrunk in size. I think I’m done with Sprinkles. 🙁
I blame the owner of Sprinkles.


Really sweet place. Good food, clean environment, and kind people. Nice waether to enjoy the place

Kristy Chi

This my first time trying Sprinkles Cupcakes. Not as good as I expected. I had dark chocolate cupcake and candy cane ice cream. The cream/sugar on top was too sweet and sugary. The cake doesn’t have much taste. I like their candy cane ice cream, but it is not surprising. I am not crazy about this. One time is enough for me.

Amanda Jahanvash

I have heard a lot of good things about Sprinkles Cupcakes but this is the first time for me.
The place is bright, colorful and inviting. Lots of tables and nice place to enjoy your cupcakes.
First problem was that the menu was on a piece of laminated paper at the order window. So you had to be in the spot to place your order before you can see the menu. ?? No wonder it takes so long to get through the line. So you choose while feeling the pressure of the line of people behind you. They have a nice variety of cupcakes but like I said you have to choose in a rush. Also, we wanted ice cream. So again a rush to order because others were waiting. We chose coffee ice cream in a cup and captain crunch in a waffle cone. The ice cream was not so good. Very bland flavors and it melted sooo fast! I hate ice cream that melts fast!
The cupcakes were quite good. We got Red Velvet, Black and White and Cuban Coffee.
Great cupcakes, colorful and fun atmosphere but I wouldn’t recommend the ice cream. It’s called Sprinkles Cupcakes, not Sprinkles Ice Cream.

Vanessa Lora

The lines are very long . I tried the cupcakes they were $4.25 each. They had ran out of the mini cupcakes. They do have an ATM . They are right next to the cheesecake factory. They have a variety of ice cream, brownies, cookies, and cupcakes. There is an area for you to sit on the outside which is nice. The Black Velvet had hard frosting it was dark chocolate.

Megan Mets

This place has delicious cupcakes! Lots of flavor options available. Gluten free options! I love the red velvet, salted Carmel, and chocolate marshmallow flavors the best. These make for an awesome gift or quick treat. They have an ATM available for fast service as well. They are pricey which is why I’m giving it 4 stars, but still so yummy!

Christopher Gallacher

Ok so I love Sprinkles Cupcakes and they are fantastic price and the quality and taste is fantastic. I have had the iced cream and today it was truly mouth watering. I asked for the seasonal flavour and to my happiness it was S’mores. OMG what can I say it was heaven with every bite. The staff were nice and service was good. What I like so across all the stores the service and standards remain the same and the cupcakes and ice cream are delicious.

Penny Grayson

I think Sprinkles has amazing cupcakes but sometimes the line is just ridiculous. And I know they have the cupcake ATM that  has a good amount of flavors but sometimes I want something else and waiting in that line kills me! But once I get to the front it’s all worth it thanks to great customer service and an even better product!

Trainer M

I was so excited to try the Cupcake ATM! It’s fast and easy! No more waiting in line, select your cupcake and slide your card, then receive your cupcake/s within seconds. My babe lives close by and comes here often, so I decided to try it out! I ordered the Chocolate Cupcake with marshmallow filling on the first visit and on the second visit I got the Birthday Cake Cupcake with butter cream. They are so yummy and very fancy for $4.50 and trust me that amount is worth it. Always a great treat after a big meal at one of the close by restaurants.

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