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DOP Donuts

Address: 7512 W 80th St, Overland Park, KS 66204

Phone: (913) 735-4877


Menu: View Online

Rating: 4.6


What Time Does DOP Donuts Open?

Saturday,: 6:30AM to 12PM

Sunday,: 7AM to 12PM

Monday,: Closed

Tuesday,: Closed

Wednesday,: Closed

Thursday,: Closed

Friday,: 7AM to 12PM

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DOP Donuts Reviews

Eric Davis

Absolutely wonderful! Great place to come grab donuts and hang out for a few. She’s amazing and always has a smile on her face! Donuts are awesome, too!

Chayce Chadwick

Delicious donuts and great, family friendly environment! Stopped going to Dunkin to support local. I’m rating DOP 4 stars because they only have 1 person working which can take over 20 minutes to get to the counter and waiting with kids that long isnt the most enjoyable. Also the boxes are a bit flimsy so don’t let your kids hold them. But overall this is a great little donut joint to hit up before the farmers market or walk around downtown OP.


This donut shop is the cutest place EVER!!! The little shack is adorable, and the seating is colorful and inviting. The employee that took our order was very kind, and the transaction was quick and easy. And the donuts are the best part!! They are SO sweet and rich, one of the best i’ve had in a while. I recommend the old fashioned with chocolate glaze. If you want AMAZING donuts, go to DOP donuts!!!!!

Rosalind Finch

What a little gem. These were the best local donuts we have eaten. So fresh, great price and wonderful location! We have made this shop a monthly tradition to visit.


Super fresh and tasty donuts. It would be cool if they had a Bavarian cream filled donut, but the amazing flavors they do have make up for it. Their donuts are extremely affordable and it’s an enjoyable place to eat on a nice morning.

Trillian Eats

You know you’re a food lover when your alarm clock goes off at 6:30 am, and you get dressed warmly to drive 40 minutes for a taste of heaven. DOP Donuts (Downtown Overland Park Donuts), and I did just that this morning.

DOP is the first-ever outdoor, pet-friendly, kid-friendly donut, and coffee shop. I have to admit the drive was long and the weather well in the midwest it’s ❄️ cold, but it was worth it to me!

DOP operates between two buildings in what is recognized as old downtown Overland Park Kansas. The city is pouring money into this area, so this location was a great find for them. When the owners first found the site is was behind locked gates and was a little scary. But now, you walk in on turfgrass with fun artwork on the walls and festive seating areas everywhere. At the end of the grass, you find yourself at a revitalized airstream trailer serving donuts and coffee. Only one person was working the located today, but she was accommodating and friendly. We were in luck as two of the flavor we ordered were the last of their kind for the day. You see, when you serve up perfection, you have to get there early to grab a taste.

My kryptonite in life is an old fashion donut, and it’s even worse for Kal-El (only loyal fans will get that one) when you take said old fashion donut and glaze it again with chocolate or any number of flavors as DOP does.

DOP, in my eyes, is an excellent addition to the Overland Park area, and I find it uplifting that when it’s cold outside and the rest of the world in bed, lovers of small businesses and great food will stand in line for these sweat round holes of love.

Take the time to check out DOP, come early, or you will miss out and grass a hat. It’s cold outside.

Kirk Golbach

Great little local Donut & Coffee Shop just off the redeveloping Downtown Overland Park. Donuts are great, with all the flavors just a little more pronounced than most, the glaze is a little sweeter, the blueberry a little more pronounced, etc. Coffee looked like schmancy, flavored stuff, but lots of enthusiastic takers Service was great and very positive. Oh yeah, the Cinnamon Donut Holes, gettum.

Bryce W

First visit. Will be back. Great doughnuts. Interesting that it is cheaper to buy six individual doughnuts than 6 together.

Tim Nelson

One of the best chocolate iced donuts I’ve ever had. Gracie was an awesome host as well.

Jerimiah Rapada

I love the idea of a small food stall of donuts. Very friendly people. Great flavors and very tasty.

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