Cinotti’s Bakery-Sandwich Shop in Jacksonville Beach (Photos, Menu, Reviews & Ratings)

Cinotti’s Bakery-Sandwich Shop

Address: 1523 Penman Rd, Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250

Phone: (904) 246-1728

Price: $$

Menu: View Online

Rating: 4.5


What Time Does Cinotti’s Bakery-Sandwich Shop Open?

Saturday,: 6AM to 3PM

Sunday,: Closed

Monday,: Closed

Tuesday,: 6AM to 3PM

Wednesday,: 6AM to 3PM

Thursday,: 6AM to 3PM

Friday,: 6AM to 3PM

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Cinotti’s Bakery-Sandwich Shop Reviews

Annette Merson

I ordered an Easter Dinner from Cinotti’s. First time….never ordered food before–just sweets. WOW—- the meal was fabulous. My family loved everything–especially the CAKE—WOW. beautiful and delicious.
Thank YOU to all the staff at Cinotti’s for making my Easter Dinner so special.I will order my next Holiday meal from you .

Kass Nick

Old but gold go to bakery in the hood.
Love their price range, the taste of food and variety of donuts and pastry. All the breakfast options are pretty yumm here (but not healthy, just so you know) no avo toast or anything fancy here, just an old fashioned neighbourhood bakery that is really good at what they’re doing! Their cupcakes are so sooo good!! And they also do custom cakes and have a variety of house made cakes everyday. I’d say the cakes are a bit too much for me (lots of filling). If you have a sweet tooth you’ll like it.
B.E.L.T sandwich on the pic for those wondering

Stephanie Cunningham

Had to see what the world famous pumpkin donuts are all about . There were SO many options of baked goods, bread, and gorgeous cookies and cupcakes! It was a little hectic trying to figure out what everything was and get an order in since we went on Saturday morning, but we were still in and out in just a few minutes.

Ismeal Zaghari

The place was clean. Good representation. Sugar cookies are $4. Little higher than expected. Donuts were alright. Their subs are pretty good.

However there were no VEGAN or GLUTEN-FREE things to choose from. Kind of a bummer for me.

Smith Werbenjagermanjensen

There’s a super cute old lady that works there and I love her to death!!!!! We need to protect her cute little spirit and her adorable smile at all costs!!! She told me about happy hour and I was like, ma’am You are a blessing to this business! ❤️ she made my whole day just by being her adorable self. She said, you come back now, and I swear I will just for her. Also the food is good.

George “Boca”

Lots of cookies, donuts and cakes. Saw some people eating what appeared as lunch while I waited on line to pick up a birthday cake. Appears that they have about 8 tables available inside to sit and eat. Custom cake was done perfectly. Customer service was very good. Definitely check them out!

Jake Marcris

This review is based not only on service but on their lack of product and Quality changes. I have been going them since I was a little girl with my parents and now I’m an adult I have been shopping with them for years. On my last visit I was very shocked because the employees were not knowledgeable on their product they had some new things that I had questions about as I hadn’t been there in a little while and no one knew the answers they did not know what their bakery items consisted of such as I wanted to confirm that their cheese pockets still had cream cheese and not pot cheese which is a cheaper hard cheese and then I had some questions about you are items that they’ve never had before and the girl had to keep asking a couple of other ladies who were just shrugging their shoulders. Made me wonder if the business had New owners or new management and the employees were not particularly friendly I felt like I was bothering them. I am well dressed not that it matters and I spent $52 on about nine pastries which is quite ridiculous. I had gone in there for donuts but due to the fact that they have changed their hours which was another shock to me as they used to close at 5:30 and another reason I haven’t been there in a while as it’s inconvenient to close at 3 o’clock as a lot of people need to come later they had no inventory or I would’ve purchased more as I wanted donuts and they only had the unwanted donuts such as plain and Keylime. Or a place that is so popular they should know their inventory and make more of what they sell which they used to do even when you came at 5:30 they would still have some of the blueberry chocolate and red velvet donuts and they would even have some of the seasonal flavors and while they wouldn’t be plentiful they would have some. What made things worse is when I got home and we were eating our pastries we found that the cheese pockets were missing cheesr. It isn’t a very delicious cheese pocket when it’s only pastry and no cheese. We also used to love their pitas and when the girl gave them to me and I took them I realized when I got home they had already started to split so I could not use one in the trash they went. They also didn’t have that soft pita and fresh pita quality that they used to offer as their Pinos were always the best. It’s also quite an expensive mistake for the person purchasing it. I spent a lot of money or some unsatisfying products and products I couldn’t use or give to my family. It seems quality control has gone down and the knowledge of their staff has gone down so I’m not sure I’ll be back as there are a lot of bakeries now in town and a lot of good donut places. If they read this they need to either train their staff or re-educate the people making and find their old recipes or if they’re trying to cut to make more profit they’re going to end up losing customers in the end which will just reduce profit by having a loss. This is a very disappointing experience that I don’t ever want to repeat.

Tyler Foster

I went to this bakery on a weekly basis for nearly two years and would continue if I wasn’t active duty being moved, and never had a bad experience. The prices are reasonable, the bakery items are fantastic and fresh, and they treat people in the service right.

Jarrett Bolin

The Staff were genuine, kind a provided prompt expert service. Trinity served us the pastries and sandwiches promptly and with a smile. We will definitely be back!

Tatty T

Great cookies and donuts. I’m a semi-regular but don’t know all their products that they offer even though I look up their menu ahead if time (they change seasonly). Cinottis do not post all of their seasonal cookies online. I felt rushed on more than one occasion and shamed by the counter ladies for taking too long. (Their tone)

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