Cafe Du Monde – City Park in New Orleans (Photos, Menu, Reviews & Ratings)

Cafe Du Monde – City Park

Address: 56 Dreyfous Dr, New Orleans, LA 70124, United States

Phone: +1 504-766-0250

Price: ₫₫

Menu: View Online

Rating: 4.5


What Time Does Cafe Du Monde – City Park Open?

Saturday,: 7AM to 10PM

Sunday,: 7AM to 9PM

Monday,: 7AM to 9PM

Tuesday,: 7AM to 9PM

Wednesday,: 7AM to 9PM

Thursday,: 7AM to 9PM

Friday,: 7AM to 10PM

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Cafe Du Monde – City Park Reviews

Green Diamond (Nee)

The line was long but moved fast and thank god because it was pouring raining but there was plenty of seats for the big crowd consistently coming in. I loved my yummy powdered delectable and my coffee. I mean it’s nothing overly exciting about the beignets but it’s a NOLA staple so try it for sure for the yummy experience.

Drew Looyenga

Way, way better location than the one in the French quarter. Much less busy, much quicker service, and attached to a beautiful park. Tables were clean and the service was excellent. Everybody was very friendly and the atmosphere was very laid back. There was a guitarist playing at the nearby pavilion facing the outdoor tables, which made a very pleasant Saturday morning of beignets and cafe aulet.

Diana sparkle

I adore this place. They have great beignets. Amazing tasting coffee (chicory yum yum!!). The setting is lovely with lots of fun things super close. Including nature walks, botanical garden, musicians close, a kids play area and the list goes on. My one complaint is that they are not food sensitivity friendly. There was no alternative milk options, and no gluten free options. This place is tasty but if you cant handle gluten or dairy stay far far faaar away! Also it should be noted they are quite expensive for what you are getting.

Melissa M. Seville

I was told while I was down there to try the Beignets. They were almost like fried dough but different. They were good.

The staff was friendly, dressed in white with a black bow-tie. The park was really nice too. The restaurant had both an in/outdoor patio where you can drink coffee and enjoy your treats. They came in a set of 3’s for about $3.25 or so. There was tones of powdered sugar in the bag incase you needed it. Line can be a bit long with a wait time of about 2 hours. We got there in perfect timing as the lines were not that long as all.

Overall, great experience.

Amanda Cooper

Wonderful beignets and atmosphere! Everything is kept so tidy. Service was incredibly fast. This location is easy to access in city park and had no line.

Emilie Travels

We stopped here on a city tour. So happy! My husband waited in line – there are two to choose from. One line goes into the building, so you can get a better view through the glass of them making the beignets. The other line is usually shorter, it is in the covered outdoor seating section. He waited about 5-10 minutes to order. We each ordered the set of 3 beignets. We honestly could have split a set of 3 since they were pretty big, but hey gotta live a little on vacation. They were sweet, chewy and piping hot. SO AMAZING and everything we hoped for – trying them for the first time. Be careful, the powder sugar can get a little messy. Personally I think if you rip them up in pieces and put them back in the paper bag they come in and shake the bag, each piece gets covered in more powdered sugar. Makes them even better!

Overall the facility was nice, located in such a beautiful park, with bridges, water, grass and outdoor or indoor seating. My only gripe was the women’s bathroom had only 3 working/equipped stalls out of the 5 or six of them. This caused the line to be quite long.

Christopher Millett

Delicious, hot beignets covered in powdered sugar. There are several locations around the city, but this one didn’t feel as busy as some of the others. It is a great location to visit with kids since it is located near a playground.

Zackary Conte

I wasn’t a big fan of their French Beignets because I thought they were overly powdered, but the consistency was good. The Café Au Lait was similar to getting a cup of coffee from a break room at work, average. The theme of the restaurant was wonderful though, I enjoyed sipping on my drink while sitting outside and enjoying the view.

Rose Hong Klein

An amazing experience of superb ice latte where it’s so much better than Starbucks. You can taste the coffee and it’s very cold. Love ❤️ this!


We went to Cafe du Monde almost every day during the New Orleans trip. We can’t say no to the delicious Beignets, those little guys are so yummy, they go very well with coffee! This branch located in City Park has a beautiful park view!

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