Joe’s Cafe & Donuts & King Cakes in Terrytown (Photos, Menu, Reviews & Ratings)

Joe’s Cafe & Donuts & King Cakes

Address: 857 Terry Pkwy, Terrytown, LA 70056

Phone: (504) 265-0234

Price: $

Menu: View Online

Rating: 4.1


What Time Does Joe’s Cafe & Donuts & King Cakes Open?

Saturday,: 5AM to 10PM

Sunday,: 5AM to 8PM

Monday,: 5AM to 8PM

Tuesday,: 5AM to 8PM

Wednesday,: 5AM to 10PM

Thursday,: 5AM to 9PM

Friday,: 5AM to 9PM

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Joe’s Cafe & Donuts & King Cakes Reviews

B Rich

Enjoyed a apple fritter and coffee follow by a breakfast quesadilla with sausage! This places very well mannered and customer service was excellent! I did find that everyone is very friendly and it is a neighborhood coffee / Cafe. I’ll be back when I can…

Vanessa Davillier

I paid over $10 for this (see pic below)….We order from Joe’s several times a week as a group….When my co-worker returned to Joe’s to have this re-made, re-funded….The staff attempted to rectify the situation….I was not surprised at the amount of shrimp…but I paid almost $3 for a piece of fish….I don’t know what this was!?….Sue (the manager) who was not present at the location to even see what the problem was told my co-worker (very rudely) that there would be no refund no re-make. I had to keep the cold food. According to my co-worker Sue was extremely rude to her on the phone. We will not be ordering from Joe’s anymore at all. I really, truly feel sad for the employees who have to deal with such a nasty person. My co-worker told me that while the young lady was on the phone with Sue she could hear Sue yelling and screaming through the phone. The workers at this location are usually extremely polite and helpful. If I could I would give negative stars. Just a side note: We also ordered from there on yesterday. At least 5-8 orders every time we order.

Nelson Pantoja

Excellent food and a pretty place!
The waitress was not friendly. I did not feel valued and cared for during my visit but at least she was a diplomatic person. Thank you very much to the cook because pleased me on what I requested. I really recommend the club sandwich because is delicious! Best wishes to this restaurant.

R. W. Adams

Went there for breakfast before the Strawberry Festival. The service was good. The portion was generous. Had the Surf and Turf omelet. The omelet was perfect. Perfect texture and was yummy. Had a biscuit. Personally I like a lighter airy inside and a little more moisture but some butter took care of the rest. Would definitely do again. Want to try some donuts next time. Wish I had gotten some pictures. Next time.

Constantly Healing

Great place to eat and relax. Food and donuts are always good

Megan Sandifer

Went to Joe’s this morning for a group order , per usual (we order here at least 3x a week and it is always over 7 orders). The food I was given was not acceptable , when I went back to try and speak with the employees about a refund etc. , I was treated extremely nasty by the MANAGER NAMED SUE. She was extremely rude and unprofessional and REFUSED to even attempt to see what can be done about the situation. She was very loud and told me I was not getting a refund or more food (by this time the food was ice cold) … I will never go here again and I don’t recommend anyone else goes , also I hope that they are able to get under NEW MANAGEMENT because SUE is the WORST! All of the other employees were trying their best to assist but SUE was even NASTY towards her own employees for trying to assist.

Christina Duckworth

My 9 year old loves this place my sister and brother-in-law lives a few blocks away from Joe’s in Terry town I live in Mississippi so every time we come to stay for a few weeks or so when the kids are out of school my 9 year old and I takes our Daly walk to Joe’s to get his favorite donuts wile my 14 year old is at work with my sister the donuts are always fresh and they always have what he wants and the people that work there are so wonderful. Great customer service and great food. Wish we had a Joe’s in Mississippi.


We came from out of town and were very excited to try this restaurant. We only wanted some glazed beignets and donuts. The woman working the drive through Sunday morning at 9:15 AM on 6/19/2022 was extremely rude. She had a HUGE attitude the moment she came on the speaker. We I understood she was probably stressed and tried to work with her, however we all work in the service industry and there is never a reason to speak to a new customer that way. Then she ended up cutting us of and saying “just come to the window man”, proceeded to talk about us at the window, and then again address us with an attitude. We ended up just leaving and not buying anything. This employee lost joes cafe good business. I see other reviews about poor service clearly they don’t care. Extremely disappointed

Baby Jamie Vu

My kids loves this place, but if it was up to me I’ll never come back! To me service is everything, and the girl name Jill that was taking orders Sunday morning was totally lacking that skill. This place is always busy and is a high stress environment, you have to have people in place that can handle and work under pressure. She took my order with a total “B-tch” attitude and made me feel as if they didn’t care about a small order. After a few seconds of being talked to with an attitude, I took a second to breath because I didn’t want to lower myself down to her level!!! It’s not what you say it’s how you say it! Long story short, Sunday morning breakfast will be somewhere else! You had to mess it up for us JILL!!!

Deborah Williams

Good food, but terrible service! Let me just say that Suzanne was the biggest brat to my special needs daughter. First she acted as if my daughter wasn’t even standing there, and then when she eventually did look at my daughter (with disgust filled eyes) she didn’t even give her the donut she had asked for. Meaning my husband had to intervene for our daughter. It’s exhausting dealing with people that don’t recognize special needs people as real people. This woman is a disgrace to this place.

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