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Bosa Donuts

Address: US Bank Tower, 101 North 1st Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85003

Phone: (602) 888-8777

Price: $

Menu: View Online

Rating: 3.4


What Time Does Bosa Donuts Open?

Saturday,: 6AM to 6PM

Sunday,: 6AM to 6PM

Monday,: 6AM to 4PM

Tuesday,: 6AM to 4PM

Wednesday,: 6AM to 4PM

Thursday,: 6AM to 4PM

Friday,: 6AM to 4PM

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Bosa Donuts Reviews

CJ Neal

I am the owner of a neighboring business and frequent this location daily. This morning, while doing our daily Bosa pick up, I inadvertently locked both my keys and my phone inside our property. I returned to Bosa, and politely explained the situation, to the woman I converse with and spend money with every single morning. I asked her if I (or she) could call my salon and let the other stylist know I was locked out. She looked at me and said “No. I can’t”. I’m leaving this review because if you’re like me, the character of the people you spend your money with, may be just as important as the quality of the tuna sandwich (and it is delicious). A person who is willing to take your money day after day, but not lift a single finger when you need low level assistance, is a person I’m uncomfortable spending money with. There is a Dunkin on Adams and Central that also has hot fresh donuts, and didnt hesitate to help out their neigjbor.

Linda Banyi

Not sure what to think about this place, the reviews are mixed…doughnut was just ok , but the customer service shocking ! There are no labels on the doughnuts so one doesn’t know what they’re looking at. I asked the lady what doughnut am i pointing at and she was just blankly looking at me. She managed to ask well what flavour am I looking for and I said” I don’t know as I’ve never been here before “and that labels would be handy! Because of her attitude i chose the first one I saw. Then at point of payment she said it’s a swipe and because I prefer not to use swipe payments I said swipe doesn’t work on my card. However she proceeded to swipe my card completely ignoring what I just said.
Also if you expect a smile , forget about it and go to Dunkin instead. This establishment has a LOT to learn about customer service.

Al Caldealer

Best place to grab a quick bite.
There hours are 6-6 but during the sports seasons they’re Open before and after the games.
Dasani 17 oz bottle are 1.51

Daniel Daniels

I stopped here at 5:37 hoping to get some sandwiches while transferring from the light rail to the bus on my way to work. The lady had just closed and was locking the door. When I asked her when they closed she told me six o’clock. She needs to learn how to tell time. Left hungry.

Gustavo Sanchez

First time here and roast beef croissant and donuts were super good . Very tasty .
Good price and the lady serving me was nice too.


Delectable and delicious. Please make gluten free Toasted Coconut Donuts. Thank you, the best donuts in the valley.

Jon Beaudet

This location is always out of want you want, their drinks are not very good and the employees are not friendly at all. I recommend going to the one on 4th st and Jackson. Much better service

Hessam Salehi

Two start because sandwiches are decent time to time and they are only thing they make on spot and toast the bread so although its a day old bread.
*Rest it not worth it because they bring from the other shop so you never know how old it is.*
Opening hours is a mystery you never know when they are open. For example you can go 8am and they might be close then you find them open like late afternoon. Its just too inconsistent to try going.
Another thing you never know is what they will have. There are four donuts that are guaranteed to be there Boston creme, Eclair, normal, and sprinkle. Rest similar to working hours is a guess if they will have or not.
**Short review bad sandwiches, old or no donut. Would not recommend.

Carlie Novack

Worse customer service ever just throws me my sandwich the bread is beyond stale and he literally told my the soda machine was down but went and got the next guy behind me a soda from the machine like I wasn’t rude or anything and when I asked for a bag of chips he mumbled under his breathe “you don’t need any more food” like worst experience ever I literally left crying

Mike Starks

I’m not sure if they make their own donuts or what but they tasted the same if not worse than donuts you get in packaging at the grocery store. They were the first donuts I’ve ever had that were so bad that I left them on the side of the road for homeless to hopefully get. I also ordered a boba taro drink and it was so tasteless that I had to come back warm up some milk and add a ton of my own taro powder to it since they were so cheap to add hardly any in my “taro” drink. We spent nearly 17$ here hoping for good donuts from a donut place and a good drink but it was a massive let down. Never experienced this kind of low quality from a donut place before. We ended up going to KFC for a Famous Bowl which was a million times better sadly. Hope this helps someone! We really wanted donuts. Massive let down.

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