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BoSa Donuts

Address: 3701 N Central Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85012

Phone: (602) 888-8999

Price: $

Menu: View Online

Rating: 4.3


What Time Does BoSa Donuts Open?

Saturday,: Open 24 hours

Sunday,: Open 24 hours

Monday,: Open 24 hours

Tuesday,: Open 24 hours

Wednesday,: Open 24 hours

Thursday,: Open 24 hours

Friday,: Open 24 hours

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BoSa Donuts Reviews

Samantha Ross

Open 25 hours. Convenient. Guy working the drive-thru was very patient and polite. Even with my indecision. He gave us a free doughnut for my granddaughter. Clean place. Well lit up. Nice visit

Sam Rauhalammi

Their slogan ‘Best Donuts in Arizona’ is definitely true. One of the best things about being ‘merican is being able to get a freshly prepared donut at any time of the day. Not that it would happen (you cannot resist eating ’em), they’re still yummy even after a few days… Apparently, their breakfast sandwiches are great, too!

Angela Caico

The atmosphere is okay, the donuts are garbage, they’re like your grocery store donuts. Just go to Walmart or Safeway. The chocolate donut holes have no glaze, the regular donut holes have the glazerlted off inside the store which is odd, the dough is the nasty part though, I’ve never really had an old fashioned be bad, this one was. I did give a tip since it’s not thier fault for using the supplies they’re given. The taro shake doesn’t have enough taro flavor, and is very icy. Not worth the money. Also nothing around it so yeah… waste of money not enjoyable.

Aaron Martinez

We stopped by the drive-thru after seeing the “Smoothie” sign posted. She ordered peach, and it was wayy too peachy. Tasted like a frozen powder mix. Not good at all. I ordered Raspberry Shaved Ice, which when we got to the drive-thru window I was again asked what flavor? I replied, raspberry? He said, “The guy making it said, raspberry? Which is it? Red or blue?” I said well, if blue is blueberry and red is cherry, strawberry, and raspberry. I guess I’ll take red. It turns out it was more of a big messy sno-cone, red of course. It was very sticky and got everywhere in our car. I literally had to open the door and dump half of it out on the drive-thru pavement because you couldn’t even scoop it with a spoon without it getting literally all over your lap the floor, the console. (It doesn’t come with a lid. No way to put one on the cup) You name it! The drive-through guy just laughed. Said, “Yeh, it’s a bit messy.” Also, I ordered a turkey sandwich on toast with mayo and ‘very light mustard.’ I got the exact opposite. It looked like a yellow sandwich. And, I’ve never had a turkey sandwich with chili’s in it!?! That’s a new one! We didn’t realize this till we got home. The pic on the menu doesn’t show this, nor do they tell you. Buyer beware. I’ll stick to eating just donuts and coffee here. Nice people though. I even left a tip unbeknownst of what was to come. P

Philip Carter

Great place, I generally go there later in the evening with my partner for a milkshake, and everyone is always helpful and friendly. The milkshakes are consistently excellent, and the donuts have a warm, crispy, fresh taste. Overall, I really like this location because it’s a comfortable setting where people can relax and have coffee with a friend or loved one.

Justin Gallant

Want to enjoy this place, but why vegan donuts only on weekends? That literally makes no sense. Either advertise it better, or always have at least one on hand. Non-vegans eat vegan donuts too

Trevor Hyatt

Awesome doughnuts. Incredible selection. Even have vegan donuts and apple fritters. The apple fritters are super dank. I would have skipped the egg croissant sandwich next time. It was a little underwhelming and the quality of the eggs didn’t seem good to me, maybe it was in my head. Would have been better with something else on it. Not enough to take 5 stars away.

Marcus Early

It was amazing the donut was great first time here great Customer service

Azhia Davis

Drive thru had 2 car and NOBODY inside the store when I asked how long will raspberry filled take the old white guy lies and tells me 3 hours SMH without even asking the person that makes them how long does it take and when the lady comes and I ask her how long will it take she tells me 1 hour. I come to this location EVERY SINGLE DAY and it takes not even 30 mins to make them the fact that you lie like your super busy with ONE car in your driveway is Pathetic
I know the owner at location 36 st and Indian school every time I went to that location it took them 30 minutes to make. unacceptable if you wanna be lazy don’t have a job, because I’m a paying customer! and this engagement with the worker definitely makes me wanna take my business elsewhere for sure! I think 44 th st &Washington location also 36th st and Indian school location is definitely more professional then this location at least I know they make sure to give the customers what they want not say they don’t have what a customer wanted , lie about the estimated time it will take to make then try to suggest me to buy something in not interested in purchasing If ZERO STARS WERE AVAILABLE EVEN -10 STARS will DEFINITELY be my choice.

Lily R.B

It’s fine. Got a Thai tea with boba and a donut. The Thai tea was flavorless, the boba seemed old, the the maple donut had like no maple on it. Service was fine, but out of all the Boss donuts in AZ I’ve been to it’s the worst.

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