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Tweedles Mini Donuts

Address: 1801 Race St, Cincinnati, OH 45202, United States



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Rating: 5


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Elizabeth Kilby

These were delicious! We bought 3 dozen to share among none of us and everyone walked away happy. The gentleman seving them was so kind and interacted with the kids. 100% would buy again.

Trisha Houser

had a dozen at Findlay Market for the first time this weekend and they were AMAZING! I seriously wish I would have gotten more because they’re delicious. and the gentleman working was SO nice. can’t wait to go back to Findlay and get even more.

Matthew Johns

Hot mini donuts cooked and glazed to order… this is the greatest food kiosk idea. Cold donuts cannot even be mentioned in the same sentence as this place. Don’t change anything but adding more locations, specifically in my house. If you change anything, I’ll buy you out and put it back.

Matthew and Elizabeth Johns

Get the hot glazed mini donuts or die knowing you missed out on a life changing experience.

steven Highley

Good and fresh and hot..

Michelle Weathers

Joshua Bloch

Karen Frecker

Kyle Mclaughlin

Reid Becker

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