Topps Bakery at Bronxville in Bronxville (Photos, Menu, Reviews & Ratings)

Topps Bakery at Bronxville

Address: 106 Pondfield Rd, Bronxville, NY 10708

Phone: (914) 337-4258

Price: $$

Menu: View Online

Rating: 4


What Time Does Topps Bakery at Bronxville Open?

Saturday,: 7AM to 8PM

Sunday,: 7AM to 6PM

Monday,: 7AM to 8PM

Tuesday,: 7AM to 8PM

Wednesday,: 7AM to 8PM

Thursday,: 7AM to 8PM

Friday,: 7AM to 8PM

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Topps Bakery at Bronxville Reviews

Marsha Lee

Very tasty pastries.

Limited paid street parking.
Friendly staff; one young lady from the store met me at my car because I wasn’t able to find any parking. Even on the side street.
I’ll back to try more goodies but I’ll go earlier so there is some parking.

Jeffrey Cutler

An iconic Bakery of Bronxville– Topps Bakery has been baking delicious cakes, cookies and every other pastry you can think of for over 80 years

I grew up on these pastries. I can attest to the large chocolate chip cookies and the hard icing big cookies (formally known as smiley face cookies) are treats that no one will put down with their hands (even if they don’t eat cookies).

The Petit fours and Italian cookies are also another delicacy.

The birthday cakes are very extensive and can be customized to whatever you need. I’ve had a birthday cake every year of my life (I’m 41)– and it seems like they even get better over the years.

Note — Availability is usually never a problem but if you go after 3 p.m. after school gets out you might have a longer wait time.


I wish I wasn’t so disappointed at this bakery after just one visit as I usually only review a place after a couple of visits. But my first-time experience just quickly deteriorated in just 10 min. I was happily greeted by a young girl as soon as I came in, but this was probably her very first job. The bakery offers a large variety of goods so I was scanning what was available. As I requested one thing, she would say things like, “Well are you gonna get anything else here (as in, this section) before I move on?” and “How many things are you gonna get?” Honestly, everything looked old and stale so it was hard for me to decide if I should bother. But, I wanted to help a small business. By the time I made my way to the register, I saw a sign that mentioned buying a gift card for local first responders, listing the area precincts, fire departments and such. Finally, something appealing. And gifting is a habit. As I was waiting for the girl to finish ringing up my 4 items so I could tell her to add on 10 gift cards at $10 each, I simply asked how they got the gift cards to the departments listed. The girl said, “Honestly I don’t know. Come back and I’m sure someone else can answer that.”. Although I’m in the area every week, I live in NYC. So… I think she got nervous at there being a line. But that was a flippant answer. After 30 min driving home, I open the box of pastries and see she didn’t even put lining.
And I was right. Everything was stale.

Molly M

The first time I went into this bakery they refused to serve me even though it was 15 mins before stated closing time. The next time I went in, a dark haired girl served me and was very friendly.

A few days ago the girl serving me (blonde with glasses) was extremely RUDE. It’s unfortunate, but I am not over paying for mediocre pastries to be treated poorly. I have noticed other reviewers have also mentioned the rude service. It’s too bad for the servers that are pleasant and the owners. I hope they can figure it out before they end up losing even more customers.

Thomas Wissner

VERY GREAT COOKIES. Sophia the cashier was very helpful and understanding of my nut allergy and requests I very much recommend

Bianca Abraham

I’ve been going to Topps Bakery for years, I even had my first job there ten years ago. I am saddened on how it’s changed, for the worst. There was a review below mine that included pictures of how dirty/unkempt the displays were. I went today, and it still looks the same. The trays of cookies and mini jelly donuts used to be perfectly filled, the holidays would transform this place as well with pretty decorations.There used to be a variety of related holiday things to buy, such as special holiday designed cookies or chocolates. Today, the cookie trays were messy, not filled and there was less than 1/2 a tray of mini jelly’s at 8AM. The mini jelly’s used to be a staple, not sure if it still is today. Separately, the staff used to be so friendly. But this year, I was barely greeted (let alone a smile) and just felt overall disappointed with the service. The young lady helping me seemed less than pleased to be helping me. This place was a gem and my favorite bakery to go to but now, it’s turned mediocre.

Edit: I forgot to mention one thing. I’ve tried calling them yesterday and this morning (during business hours) and no one answered the phone. I had to cross my fingers and head over there today and hope that they had an apple pie available to purchase.


We enjoyed the mocha cake my sister bought so much, that my son and I went back and ordered one for his birthday! Absolutely amazing.

A Franklin

7:20am this morning and they “hadn’t yet prepared any donuts”. The shelves for donuts was completely bare. What kind of bakery doesn’t start preparing their morning staples until AFTER opening? This place has gone through multiple owners and staff and I’m sad it hasn’t learned and evolved since it’s heyday.

River Penzo

Great Store, Excellent selection and very friendly and perfect customer service, Nice atmosphere. Welcoming to all.

Brian Cerreta

Cookies at Topps are amazing. Ive ordered a dozen times to bring along to parties, etc. folks always love receiving them– my family knows Topps cookies by now and are always excited to get them– and I always love eating Topps cookies! So good!

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