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The Flour Box

Address: 5520 Rainier Ave S, Seattle, WA 98118



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Rating: 4.6


What Time Does The Flour Box Open?

Saturday,: 10AM to 12:30PM

Sunday,: 10AM to 12:30PM

Monday,: Closed

Tuesday,: Closed

Wednesday,: Closed

Thursday,: 10AM to 12:30PM

Friday,: 10AM to 12:30PM

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Suman Grewal

For those in the know, you already know why this place is good. For those who comment on line/cost, hopefully this gives some food (briochey deliciousness?) for thought.

There are a ton of good donut options in the city. If fast & cheap is what you’re looking for, you have a ton of options. Why do we stand in line (in my case, repeatedly)? This place is a clinic in attention to the finest of details. And I say this as someone who bakes, as someone who has been doing tastings with other bakers/cooks/foodies for years.

No other place has matched the airy, cloud lightness of the dough (other places were too tough, too dry, bitter aftertaste).
No other place has matched the balance in flavors (other places tasted artificial, or were so heavy it was difficult to have more than a few bites).

So yeah, there are times when I want quick/basic and I go elsewhere. But then there are times when I want my world to come to a halt when I take that first bite and let the texture and flavors all meld together in perfect harmony on my palate and I choose to (happily) stand in line and pay someone for the incredible effort & work it goes into making that.

And also the staff has always been amazing & delightful. So there.


I am not a big fan of donuts. However, after trying donuts from The Flour Box I am a convert. The brioche is great and the different fillings are amazing. I ended up buying almost all the flavors and try them all. Although I wish the lines to get donuts were shorter, the wait is worth every bite.

Brett W

The Flour Box could make the experience for customers significantly better by expanding their hours and the days of the week that they’re open, and raising their prices to hire more employees as needed. Since the bakery is only open for 12 hours per week, there is exceptional customer demand. We waited in line for at least an hour. The line regularly snakes around a city block.

The pastries are good, but not out of this world good (as you might expect when you see the line). The key reason the line is so long is that the bakery has such extremely limited operating hours.

Easily my favorite pastries were the chocolate chunk cookie cream brioche donut and the fudge brownie. (We tried all the other donuts available the week we went: strawberry cream, mango sago, and banana coconut.)

I had a Shy Bear Fog drink, which had oolong, oat milk and burnt honey. To me, the burnt honey dominated the drink.


The line is way too long! For the super expensive donuts ($5 dollar each on average) and the profit they make, they should figure out how to save people’s waiting time. People line up and stand outside for 30 to 40 minutes. This is ridiculous. The donut and the coffee/drink are really NOT that amazing. At least, not worth the half hour waiting time. This is not a Michelin restaurant. They can keep the price, but better figure out how to save customers waiting time. 3.5 ⭐️ for the donut. Too sweet and you better eat them within an hour. 1 ⭐️for the waiting time.

Kim Kelley

I love these donuts so much. You can tell that they put a lot of effort into making them the best! Love the esthetic of the restaurant. I got there early to stand in line because I wanted to make sure I would be able to
get some donuts. The employees are kind and handle the long line like bosses! Definitely recommend this place if you like cinnamon rolls and filled donuts.

Karen Lee

Every review about the line is correct. Get there EARLY. I arrived 30 mins before opening and the line wrapped around the block. I got the last remaining donuts of the day creme brulee and raspberry. Even if you can’t buy the donuts, the drinks and other sweet treats are also amazing. Will come back again.

Kelsey Ann

If you love donuts, this is a must stop. The fillings are so fluffy and fresh. You can tell they are made by hand and not artificial ingredients. The line is super long for this place and it’s because these are the best donuts!!

Angelita Hernández Mejía

Truly a 10/10 cafe experience. Not only are the donuts flavors amazing but the drinks are delicious!
The line might be daunting and long but it is worth it. Even if the donuts sell out, don’t pass on the drinks. I recommend the Shy Bear Fog

N Zina

Absolutely DELICIOUS! These handfilled brioche donuts are scrumptious, full of seasonal unique flavors! We tried the fruity pebbles, honeycomb, Vietnamese coffee, and kheer which as cardamom rice pudding and pistachio. The salted caramel brownie and salted chocolate chunk cookie with chocolate toffee paired with a hot cabin fever burnt honey latte and house made muddled apple cider were out of this world. Must try! Make sure you check their social media pages as they post their new flavor rotations frequently! Enjoy!

Kianna H

What a cool place for unique flavours! I tried the everything jalapeño donut and it was AMAZING. Do not be afraid to try every donut just because it sounds like an odd donut flavour. Everything they make is incredible and absolutely worth the wait. I arrived 30 minutes prior to open and waited in line an hour after open. So expect a line any time you go and be prepared. They have new flavours all the time, so there’s always a reason to come back.

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