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Address: 661 Marks St, Henderson, NV 89014

Phone: (702) 450-3475

Price: $$

Menu: View Online

Rating: 4.2


What Time Does Starbucks Open?

Saturday,: 4AM to 8:30PM

Sunday,: 4AM to 8:30PM

Monday,: 4AM to 9PM

Tuesday,: 4AM to 9PM

Wednesday,: 4AM to 9PM

Thursday,: 4AM to 9PM

Friday,: 4AM to 9PM

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The first time I ordered here I ordered a toasted vanilla shaken espresso with light ice and the first thing they do it fill it up almost to the top. I came here a second time today to order a venti iced brown sugar oat milk shaken espresso right before work. I ordered through the app and also asked for light ice again. I got a notification saying my order was ready but as I roll up to the window they tell me they’re out of oat milk. I find it interesting how they said my order was ready but it wasn’t even made. Anyway, I was fine with replacing the oat milk with almond. However, I asked light ice and it still had a lot of ice! Very unsatisfied with this Starbucks location.

Ronnie Sal

Great service
Fast service
My frappe just delicious
And is in the middle of the desert
Love it
I highly recommend it

alexis zamora

If I could post 0 stars I would. My “tall” already small, drink was missing half the drink (never had that happen). When I got to the window I was also greeted with a scanner no introduction, just the person at the window talking to the barista, laughing, having a great time. I don’t mind them having fun at work but pay attention to your job. Very unsatisfied


Same rude older Caucasian female that always works drive thru during the day shifts. Complained on her before and just her energy everything she sees it’s me is disgusting. Then it’s always something, not asked do I want a receipt. Not given a bag when I have multiple bakery items just shoved to me through the window. And lately when I get her I never have chocolate syrup drizzle on my drink which it clearly comes with. But this happens only when she is working drive thru that day. Everyone else I get my drink comes with all ingredients it’s supposed to have. I’m starting to get tired of this location because of her!

Chris Trethewey

The drive thru line was extremely long, which I completely understand why. (It has been an unprecedented year.). But I was really impressed how quickly the line moved. Plus, the barista was extremely friendly and my nitro cold brew was excellent.

Tana Lloyd

Server was young with an attitude. Ordered very light ice, was jam packed ice, sit it down on thr counter hard n turned away,she remade with same amount so asked again for light ice, she snatched the drink asked just how much ice do you want, threw it into the sink, remade with less ice and came back and said now is that ok, turns walks away.

Miss Bliss

I love the mango dragonfruit lemonade, but when I bought it here last night it made me sick. Real sick! Which could mean something is contaminated or not being cleaned properly. I’ll pass on this location. Dirty!


I love this Starbucks. customer service is great, I know in other locations it can be spotty…Most of the time the are jolly enough to inject positive energy into just with their attitude over the intercom….and some of you know what I mean!

Lisa McCauley

They are not open at 4:30 am.Multiple cars have been in and out of the drive thru & there is 2 or 3 people inside the store but no one taking orders

Froopy Land

Good service and the quality you expect from Starbucks. No drive thru so place an order ahead of time on the app for easy pickup.

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