St. Pete Bagel Co. in Kenneth City (Photos, Menu, Reviews & Ratings)

St. Pete Bagel Co.

Address: 4419 66th St N, Kenneth City, FL 33709

Phone: (727) 201-9645

Price: $

Menu: View Online

Rating: 4.6


What Time Does St. Pete Bagel Co. Open?

Saturday,: 6AM to 1PM

Sunday,: 7AM to 1PM

Monday,: 6AM to 1PM

Tuesday,: 6AM to 1PM

Wednesday,: 6AM to 1PM

Thursday,: 6AM to 1PM

Friday,: 6AM to 1PM

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St. Pete Bagel Co. Reviews

Gigi Krauser

A great local bagel store with friendly staff, fresh bagels, donuts, homemade cream cheeses and good coffee. Today I got the Lox & Cream Cheese sandwich and was so excited to see and taste, that I forgot to take a photo of my sandwich. The sweet onion, fresh romaine, alfalfa sprouts, capers, lox and cream cheese on sesame seed bagel was delicious! For our donut boy we got a toasted coconut and a key lime, yummy! Quick service!

Josh Andrews

The food was amazing and every employee smiling and sweet! Had a egg bagel with lox, and a plain bagel with Salmon and cream cheese. Great food! Affordable also.

Keith Landers

Nice little bagel and donut place. Bagel Bacon egg and cheese are huge. Wife’s lox and bagel was fresh and good. Bagels were good. Only wish that they used a grill instead of microwave for eggs. Also nice coffee center with great reg coffee and fancy coffees

Steve Broad

We stopped for a bagel and lox spread on the way back over to the east coast and wish we’d have bought a dozen to take with us. Easily the best bagel I’ve had in 10yrs. I would almost drive the 3hrs just to eat breakfast there.

Jason T. Wiser

Very friendly staff. The lady at the counter made you feel like family. Unfortunately, the bagels were nothing special, the cappuccino was watered down (too much milk) and not a good rich coffee flavor. The breakfast croissant was cold and nothing special.

Heather Frechette

My boyfriend and I got three sandwiches between the two of us, all on everything bagels. Not only were the bagels dry, but they didn’t taste like anything at all. Eggs aren’t real, and the sandwiches also lack flavor. I could have made a better sandwich at home for much cheaper.

michael clark

Ever since they got new employees or maybe owners The Morale is terrible.Just feel depressed by time I leave. Then today I waited 10 minutes in line with three people in front of me to get couple bagels.there toasters are broke so I figured I would toast it at home.they gave me two tiny cups of cream cheese for two bagels.i politely ask if I could have one more.he replied “you need to go over there and pay for it”. Meanwhile I’ve been there 20 min total and the line was to the do by this point.I put more money in the tip jar then the cream cheese cost.I’m done with this place….

Hey You

OMG an absolute jewel hidden in the rough. From the first step in the door your tummy is going to be tempted!! The store smells amazing the mixture of cinnamon and fresh doughnuts. And then we are presented with our first dilemma what to order. So many tantalizing choices from of course bagels to doughnuts a d complimentary spreads, topping, and evolved combinations of all the above. The homemade spreads are indescribably sinful and the perfect companion to the bagels. And then add the beverage selection and now my mind and tummy are short circuiting on choices. The one IMPORTANT aspect I left out was service, each time I was fortunate to have Ms Jazzie, she is the total package, personality, courteous, spunky, patience all wrapped up in a great big smile!!
The only thing that will be disappointed by your visit to St Pete bagel Co will be your gym trainer. Enjoy I certainly do!!

Lauren Brigman

What an absolute gem! Heard they had the best donuts in town so I had to see if I agreed. Superseded my donut expectations! We’ve now come a couple times and we’ve had bagels, coffee, and a couple other items. My biggest surprise was on our second time. We walked in and the woman that took our order (the first time we came) greeted each of my children by name!!! Wow. So impressed! I couldn’t wait to give this place a good review. In fact, I’m writing this instead of rating my breakfast! Ha!

Marilyn Lutton

Best local place for bagels and breakfast! Very friendly staff, interesting merchandise.

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