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Rebel Donut

Address: 2435 Wyoming Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87112

Phone: (505) 293-0553

Price: $

Menu: View Online

Rating: 4.6


What Time Does Rebel Donut Open?

Saturday,: 7AM to 4PM

Sunday,: 7AM to 4PM

Monday,: 6:30AM to 4PM

Tuesday,: 6:30AM to 4PM

Wednesday,: 6:30AM to 4PM

Thursday,: 6:30AM to 4PM

Friday,: 6:30AM to 4PM

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Rebel Donut

I found myself with a little extra time in Burque than planned and what’s better then ending a good trip with donuts?! Nothing, don’t @ me. And it would be absolutely unacceptable to go anywhere else than the famous Rebel Donut for a taste of their “Blue Sky” donut, inspired by Breaking Bad. Also I’m a always fiending for a good donut.

The treat is a vanilla cake donut with blue vanilla frosting sprinkled with crushed blue rock candy made by Albuquerque’s own “Candy Lady.” I can’t say the ring was most innovative donut I have ever had but it was delicious! The candies added a unique crunch you don’t often get from eating donuts. But it basically tasted like a really really good vanilla donut with cotton candy frosting.

The Blue Sky isn’t their only unique nut. In fact they’ve got a large selection of unique tasty cakes! I tried the Ladybug, Triple Chocolate and Crumb Cake. Out of the four, the Ladybug was the most out there. The frosting legit tasted like red Starburst candies! I thought it was a little bit of a strange combo with the chocolate cake, not bad at all but you’ll remember it!

The Triple Chocolate was just that – a lot of chocolates. Much richer than the chocolate cake used for the Ladybug, and much more frosting. RICH frosting, almost like ganache. This one paired the best with a big cup of milk. It was absolutely fantastic.

The Crumb Cake was the least creative of the four donuts but equally as delish. It’s super messy so you’ll need a napkin unless you like crumby pants. Plenty of cinnamon crumb topping piled on top of a phenomenal vanilla cake.

I only wish I had more time and room in my belly for more! These were so good. I’m a fan!!!

Olivia Hill

We have enjoyed rebel Donuts since they opened, they have excellent variety of dough type, frosting, and decorations. They also offer a decent variety of vegan donuts! We have also ordered larger quantities from them several times and have always been satisfied. One time there was a problem with the order, and their customer service was excellent.

Paige Torbit

Was visiting ABQ for the weekend and wanted a special quick breakfast. We got a 1/2 dozen asstd. of cake and a vegan one. All were good! The donut part of the birthday cake donuts didn’t have a ton of flavor but the glaze and the texture of the donuts made up for that. The blueberry and the pumpkin glazed were amazing and some of the best we’ve ever had! Definitely would come back! Fun and delicious treat!

steve punko

Maple bar was great, i got one without bacon. The maple has a whole slice of baoon on it.
These two are frosted with maple frosting, but are not filled. They offer a round maple that is filled.
Coffee was good.
Still Great

Jessica Allen

Loved their flavors & names. The donuts were delicious. Not dry or too moist
We also came super late like 10:30 am and they still had plenty left

Austin Emberlin

Amazing friendly service and great selection of donuts. The French toast donut is a must try! They also have really good strong coffee that pairs well with any of the donuts here. Whether passing through or staying a few days this is a place worth stopping to try.

Jynae C

Excellent service at the counter! I was picking up 3 dozen donuts for a place of work. The employees said the donuts were fantastic! They had a random mixture of the donuts available. Highly recommend!

Melissa Castillo

Came for gluten free donuts. I called and asked if they had gf, they said yes but they take 7 minutes to make and if I want to place an order over the phone. I said sure, but they made me pay over the phone with a credit card before I arrived and asked if I wanted to tip which was weird. GF donuts were COLD, and a little sticky on the bottom like they had been frozen, they were drowned in icing that was warm in just a couple places. Pretty but not good and overly sweet. Not worth the $. Overall I’m disappointed. If you are looking for a good gf donut, go to Two Boys. I am not in any way affiliated with either company.


Always try to go here early to get the best selection. Great donuts and service! And they have Gluten-free donuts available too!

Natasha Hedglin

So many vegan options and each one I tried was DELICIOUS! I hadn’t eaten a Boston Cream in the 5 years I’ve been vegan. I thought maybe a vegan version wasn’t possible because I’ve never seen it offered at any local donut shops (I live in NC) Not only does Rebel make them, but they taste just like the traditional Boston Creams I remembered from years ago. I also had a chocolate glazed and maple glazed, both were delicious and fresh. I will definitely be getting more treats from here next time I’m in Albuquerque!

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