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Painted Dough

Address: 5702 Riverside Dr, Chino, CA 91710

Phone: (909) 548-3080

Price: $

Menu: View Online

Rating: 4.6


What Time Does Painted Dough Open?

Saturday,: 6AM to 6PM

Sunday,: 6AM to 4PM

Monday,: 6AM to 6PM

Tuesday,: 6AM to 6PM

Wednesday,: 6AM to 6PM

Thursday,: 6AM to 6PM

Friday,: 6AM to 6PM

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Painted Dough Reviews

Lena Van

Regular donuts, fancy donuts, ice cream, coffee, smoothies, and more here! The display cases are packed full of sweet and tasty treats all reasonably priced. The employees were super helpful and service was quick. The donuts are so fluffy and not oily at all! Glaze and flavorings are in point! I would definitely be a regular if I didn’t live so far away!

M Verbose

A fun, niche sweets stop there really is something for everyone here. You’re virtually guaranteed to leave happy 10/10

= big variety of regular (but still amazing) donuts and specialty donuts

Fantastic creativity for incredible combinations of flavors in both pastries and drinks

As big a selection of drinks as pastries with non-dairy options. Lots of coffee bases which is perfect to pair with the donuts

The actual dough used is really tasty and baked to high quality texture

Mochi donuts are a must-have whenever I go!

= only one non-dairy alternative (almond milk)

Genuine questions asked on their social media may go unanswered

Some workers seem like they’ve really had enough of people just staring (sorry, you all have a lot of stuff)

Lorelle Bethany Fickes

Coolest decorated donuts I’ve ever had with delicious food, boba tea drinks and coffee drinks available.

Wattie L

Wow! Great I was able to discover this place! I have been trying to find different breakfast places, and this was one of the most interesting places. First thing to note, is to make sure that you get into the right parking lot, as you can easily get into the car wash parking lot next door. When you first go in, I believe this isn’t your typical donut shop. It was hip, and had a ton of different selections. There was donuts, Açaí Bowls, Latte’s, Thai Tea, Ice Cream, Burrito’s and Bagels. I cant imagine working here, and knowing all the selections by heart. Either or we were great by a nice gentleman and he recommended a few options for Breakfast, and for Coffee. Note that they do have Smart Pay!

We were recommended to try:
Salted Vietnamese Ice Coffee – This was so good! I already like Vietnamese coffee, but to have it salted was just great. I’m used to only having this at Starbucks
Vanilla Latte – Good to know that this place has espresso, cold brew, and not just brewed coffee. Note that you can also adjust the sweetness level .
Deluxe Sandwich- This was great! I like how it was packed with fluffy egg, with bacon, sausage, with a crispy hash brown! Give this one a try!
Breakfast Burrito- This was actually really good as well, and it also comes with a spicy salsa!

Again this was a great experience, and the gentleman that helped us remembered everything that we ordered without writing it down. It felt like the people that worked here, liked what they do, and everyone that was ordering seems to be helped fast, and was happy with the service. Can’t wait to stop by again and try their other food and drinks. Will be back very soon!


Love these donuts! Love the unique flavors and how pretty they look. They definitely tasted good too. Worth the 20 minute drive I took to go there… will definitely go again!

Colin Walsh

What a disappointment, ordered a dozen donuts delivered and they look like they came from the grocery store. Given the name and you’d expect something better. Ordered these for an event.

Kim Riley

Love, love, love Painted Dough. Their donuts are exceptionally good, so fresh, but my main love there is the Acai bowl, they have several different bases and toppings to choose from. The acai is frozen like ice cream, so the texture is firmer than you get somewhere else, I personally like that, you don’t end up with soup when you get to the end. Danny, the owner is super personable and very chill. If you go in more than a few times he quickly strikes up a conversation and knows you by name.
Great place

frank medina

This was the spot to go when their prices werent as inflated as they’re now. Ever since they went mainstream it appears that they turned their back on the community who supporter them for years for instagram popularity unfortunately. The Donuts are great don’t get me wrong but not a fan of the new price hike.

tavell beans

The food is good not great donuts are not always fresh like they say. There customers service is trash I’ve had bad experiences with one girl & two guys at this place. I explained to the girl that I should retrieve my awards prior to paying she said that’s not how It works. I then told her I was just in here a few days ago & the one of the guys there told me the same thing & now I’m waiting 5days to get my money back. She insisted that’s how it works. I paid cash. They also are not very helpful over the phone you call in to see what they still have available & they don’t want to tell you & they get rude. Not everyone coming there live close by. 2 stars for the food one star for the customer service.

Nancy Hulme

Love this place! People talk about voodoo donuts and Lee’s donuts… I’ve had them both, but painted dough is better! Great people work there too

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