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Address: 11401 N 56th St #16, Temple Terrace, FL 33617

Phone: (813) 374-5781

Price: $

Menu: View Online

Rating: 4.5


What Time Does MOCHINUT Tampa Open?

Saturday,: 11AM to 7PM

Sunday,: 11AM to 7PM

Monday,: Closed

Tuesday,: 11AM to 7PM

Wednesday,: 11AM to 7PM

Thursday,: 11AM to 7PM

Friday,: 11AM to 7PM

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MOCHINUT Tampa Reviews

Majoris Vy

There are good and bad things.

Good: The donuts themselves were really good! But unfortunately when I went there wasn’t a lot of option to choose from. You didn’t know what flavor they had until you get inside pretty much.

Bad: The store didn’t have anything, Boba wasn’t until July and there was no corn dogs because the machine broke after the grand opening. It was packed and chaotic. I’m just disappointed with my experience overall. They should have waited until July to open when everything was ready, it just felt like a rush opening.

Jazmen Draper

So excited to try the donuts and they weren’t that good. The ones with frosting had more flavor. We have been to some amazing donut shops in Portland so I guess I was expecting amazing and they were just ok. Only 4 people in front of us in line and it took forever.

Josh Bullis

We’ve been waiting for a place like this since my girlfriend’s childhood! It has the original, Korean style hot/corn dog that is the correct Korean style corn dog/hot dog. It was glorious, fantastic, wonderful and cute. Donuts, Korean style corn dogs with beef, mozzarella, flamin’ hot Cheeto style, potato, ramen crunch, and many more. You gotta try this; it’s legit!

Hannah Frank

My favorite place for donuts and boba tea. They have the best brown sugar boba. I did not know Mochinut until I went to SoCal. Love the texture of their donuts. Love that they have different flavors every day. The mozzarella corn dog is a bomb! Clean and cute store. Very friendly staff. Definitely recommend Mochinut when you are in the area. I’m so glad they open this store in Tampa. I live an hour drive away but I don’t mind the drive since the food here is so worth it.

P.S.: it’s a little pricey but hey you get what you pay for.

Jessica Vongdachan

I have been to three different locations around the USA… by far this one did not leaving a lasting impression and I live in the area. the donuts are not full mochi (there should be a rice flour consistency) and you can taste the yeast or oil from being reused. while it is a practice to reuse the oil, you can tell it was not filter correctly, these donuts are true donuts. The drink do come out fast so you will have your drink first. The K-dogs would of been great except one step that did not explain that all other locations did “do you want Sugar?” … think this needs to be explained better as the sugar is packed on thick.

Charles Jay

Super yummy! I definitely would suggest bringing a friend or two to help you finish though – the corndogs are HUGE!! The boba was delicious as well. The wait was a tad long, but it was worth it and we might’ve just come at a busy time. I wish there was more outdoor seating as well since the indoor seating was packed.

Karen V

I was so excited to finally try this place. I had heard the buzz about Mochinut for some time, and wanted to experience it for myself. Let’s just say that I wasn’t as impressed as others.

As you first walk in, you’ll see a bunch of people waiting for their order to be delivered at the counter. There wasn’t a line to place an order like it had been during the grand opening week. We were greeted right away and asked if we had any questions. They have a case with lots of donuts that are beautifully decorated and eye-catching. There’s a very detailed menu board of all the different types of rice hotdogs. There’s a menu of just 6 boba drinks. All of them looked very common with the exception of the ube boba drink. There’s no description of what is in it. It’s like it was thrown on the menu like an afterthought. Kind of like saying, “Do you want a boba drink to go along with that rice hotdog?” I didn’t order one because I was saving my boba craving for a true tea shop nearby that has a large variety of unique flavors.

We decided to get a box of 3 mochi donuts (melona, strawberry drizzle, and peach mango). I got the crunch cereal half & half rice dog because that flavor is not offered at Ding Tea in Brandon. My friend got the ube boba drink. Fortunately, we were able to place that order quickly. The rice dog took the longest because it was made to order.

I sampled my friends ube boba drink while we waited. It looked so pretty and I actually liked the coconut flavor at first sip. The ube flavoring had a strange aftertaste. I was kind of happy that I didn’t get one after seeing what it ended up costing with the boba and cheese foam. The cheese foam didn’t have much of a taste. It’s not worth the cost. The mochi donuts didn’t taste fresh. I’m SMH on this one because I know these donuts move fast just by seeing the amount of traffic that goes through this store. The ones we had that day were dense and chewy. I see lots of inconsistencies in the texture of the dough when reading other reviews. The frosting was a good flavor, but it was spread heavily on the donut which made it taste too sweet. I’ll stick to the mochi donuts in the Brandon area. Their frosting flavors are not as pronounced as Mochinut, but at least they have a fresh taste and texture.

The best thing I had was the cereal rice hotdog. It was really wonderful! It had the perfect crunch and lots of cheese in the top half of the dog. The cereal coating reminded me of frosted flakes. It gave it a nice savory & sweet taste. I would totally get this one again. I just wouldn’t make a special trip from Brandon since I already love the potato rice hotdog that is close to home.

Customer service was great! There is very limited seating inside. Mostly chairs for people who are waiting for their order to be made, but I did see a few tables. There is a lot of parking. The decor is nice but hard to see with all the people inside. They have a huge following and great reputation… and it shows. You might as well try it for yourself when you’re in the area.

Niah Stone

They work quickly even with the large amount of people that have come everyday since they opened. They were also very nice and patient and answered any questions I had. The Korean rice dogs are made to order, so it may take a long time when there are a lot of people. But, when you get them they are warm and delicious. They don’t taste oily, either, even though they come out of a deep frier. It is very quick getting the mochi donuts and they taste great. They are flavorful but they are not overbearing sweet and they are very chewy. The donut flavors change weekly and the gpa it’s for the week can be checked on their instagram. The inside of the store is nicely decorated and kept looking clean. It’s nice that there is plenty of seating as well.


came here for the korean corn dogs and they were absolutely delicious!!! they make them fresh so there is a wait time but it’s so worth it!! i had a few mochi donuts while i waited and they were very soft, fluffy, and not too overly sweet. this place is very popular so the store was super busy and crowded. besides that, i highly recommend to everyone and i can’t wait to go back!!

Julie Hwang

Been there 3 times since they opened! Don’t know why some people complaint! This is a popular spot for mochi donuts you should expect there will be some wait time and they do run out of things since it is so popular. Donuts always come out hot and fresh and so good. I always call to see the wait time before I come. They’re all so nice!

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