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Mochinut Plano

Address: 8600 Preston Rd Suite #123, Plano, TX 75024

Phone: (214) 308-9388


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Rating: 4.5


What Time Does Mochinut Plano Open?

Saturday,: 11AM to 9PM

Sunday,: 11AM to 9PM

Monday,: 12 to 9PM

Tuesday,: 12 to 9PM

Wednesday,: 12 to 9PM

Thursday,: 12 to 9PM

Friday,: 12 to 9PM

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Mochinut Plano Reviews

Hang’s Happy Home

Donuts are little too sweet, and I would want them to be more chewy and smooth, however it is only my preference. However milk teas are great. Nice place and good customer service.

Rajiv Pillai

It’s doughnut with a twist. I liked some of the flavours. But more so the fact that you can now share a doughnut easily. The shape of the doughnut makes it less awkward. But you do pay 3x the price. Service-wise the staff was Warm and pleasant. Ample space to sit and stand. They also have the extremely spicy fried hotdog, just in case you feel done with sweet. So the other way around.

James Zhang

Got the mocha, pandan, and caramel churro mochi donuts. I was a little disappointed since they didn’t have traditional Asian flavors such as matcha or black sesame. Flavors rotate, but most are non-traditional.

The mochi donut itself had a good texture and chew but had a very strong oily flavor that you could taste after one bite. It’s like they were fried in old oil. Left a bad aftertaste and kind of ruined the experience. Hopefully just a one-off but not a good first impression.

Larry Giolitto

Donuts are great but very slow. This is their soft opening though. Waited forever and asked about my order then they gave me my donuts but not drink. They told me it would be out soon. Many behind us started to get their drinks still but not us(we were one the first in line) so I went back up and asked about it and they finally made it. Only problem was they just pours a glass of milk and put a little syrup on side of glass. Didn’t even taste like brown sugar milk tea. Nothing mixed and tasted only like milk.

John Hill

Location is very open and welcoming. People working behind the counter are very helpful and friendly, and the food smells & tastes delicious. The order taking process moved a little slow and the hotdogs took much longer than the donuts, but that might be because it was the first day. If they can fix the delays with the hotdogs, this will be a great experience.

Riana K.

The customer service is absolutely top-tier. The young lady at the front obviously was busy with orders while taking more orders, but she was absolutely the sweetest! Being able to maintain a friendly demeanor while being kept under pressure was impressive. The donut themselves taste amazing too! Overall great experience.

Eliza beth

staff was very friendly and informative. first time here and had to take mochinuts, milk tea, and hot dogs to my family! So delicious!

Carlos Reyna

Mochi donuts are something special. They have a mix texture a little like a donut and mochi.

The mochi donuts are delicious, and the flavors are changed frequently.

It is essentially one of the best treats I have had.

jikyung kim

I love mochi so I tried Mochinut Plano and it was great! I love their Mochinut and Boba. It was sooo good. My friend ordered hotdog and he liked it too. I think I will visit them again soon.

Christine Cho

Very delicious! We love mochinut hotdogs so much. Must visit place 🙂

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