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Address: 5222 De Zavala Rd #328, San Antonio, TX 78249

Phone: (210) 276-0060


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Rating: 4.2


What Time Does Mochinut Open?

Sunday,: 11AM to 9:30PM

Monday,: 11AM to 9:30PM

Tuesday,: 11AM to 9:30PM

Wednesday,: 11AM to 9:30PM

Thursday,: 11AM to 9:30PM

Friday,: 11AM to 10PM

Saturday,: 11AM to 10PM

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Mochinut Reviews

Melissa Chateau

Very busy place. We tried all of their corn dogs and they were all very delicious! Donuts are amazing my favorites are the plain glazed and the churro flavors, my kids love the fruity pebbles and ube. Staff is super sweet and the soft serve was really good my son had the melon, strawberry lemon swirl with sprinkles and I had just the strawberry lemon. Fun place to get sweet treats! My daughter and I both had the Jasmine tea which was very good and just the right sweetness.

Brittany BP

Pretty good! I enjoyed the texture of these donuts. The glaze can be improved upon. The passion fruit tea was delicious. I think this place is a nice gem it’s certainly different than all the other generic donut shops! I intend to go back and try the rice dogs.

Adrian H

Decided to try this randomly. Very unique flavors and textures in a good way. Good atmosphere and very friendly service. Teas were fruity and good and had the choice of jellies or popping boba.
They have rice hot dogs. Didn’t give those a chance but may in the future. I would definitely go back!

Marisa Ramon

First time visiting with friends so we bought a dozen mochinuts for $30 to try this month’s flavors. They were all good and fluffy soft. They are slightly larger than a regular donut. We couldn’t finish them so took them home and they were as delicious the next day. Didn’t harden or taste dry. I wish they were a little cheaper however thought they were adorable and tasty overall. It would just be impractical to buy a few dozen for a work surprise. Great for a fun treat with friends.

Mina Defee

Going off taste only, this restaurant is 5 stars, hands down. The donuts have a very interesting texture, which is more bouncy and a little chewy. Completely different from a regular American donut but absolutely delicious! We also ordered bubble tea, which was just as good as any other location.

The reason for the 3 stars is because of the amount of time we had to wait for our order. I will note that it was not busy when we ordered, but it got progressively busier as we waiting to receive our items. In total, we waited for around 40 mins for this box of donuts and 4 teas. At one point we were worried that they had forgotten about our order because others were coming and going while we were still waiting. I also ordered my tea without boba, but received it anyway, not a huge deal, but a little annoying since we had been waiting so long already.

I’m happy to visit again and update my review if I have a different experience.

Jessica Nino

The potato dog half and half was tasty! The mochi donuts were so soft. Loved the experience of the food and drink but the establishment was a bit dirty, the floors and tables. Besides that it was very good.

Simply Kimmy

The Thai tea with boba was one of the best I’ve ever had. I enjoyed the corn dog but would just get the cheese ones next time. The hot dog was definitely all beef but I’m not too fond of all beef hot dogs. It was very clean and I will definitely be back to try the donuts and different dogs for sure

Abigail Aquino

Staff was polite and helpful. I guess flavors differ from day to day… Today we got chocolate drizzle, churro, passion fruit, and peach. ALL were delicious and flavorful! We will definitely be back to try other flavors!!
Oh also!! My daughter ordered the mozzarella stick thing… that was good too!

Chad Schultz

Fascinating experience!
I didn’t know what a “cheese smoothie” was, and I still don’t, but I tried the honeydew one and it was delicious. Rather like a milkshake. Very sweet. I never thought of honeydew as an interesting fruit flavor before but it worked great.

The “mochinuts” make for an interesting change from donuts. They’re a little chewy, like 80% donut, 20% tapioca. But they are good.

I was a little confused by the “rice hotdogs” or “k-dogs”. It seems to be a sausage on a stick (or half of a piece of sausage, plus a length of mozzarella cheese), breaded and fried. But you can have different coatings on the breading, like cornflakes or ramen noodles. (I thought the ramen noodles would be really tough and crunchy, but no – they were only slightly crunchy, easy to eat).
For each “hotdog” you specify the contents. That means “original” (sausage), “half&half” (half of the sausage is replaced by mozzarella) or “mozarella”. You also specify the coating. Instead of original, you might say “ramen” or “cornflakes” or one of the other options. It’s clearer on the website than in the store. They were good though.

Ashley What’s it to ya

Great if you wanna try something different, had the potato half wiener, half cheese. Exactly like the videos, stringy cheese on the first bite. To drink had coconut milk tea with boba 10/10 too. Churro donut I recommend more than the other one in the picture, also 10/10.

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