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Lucky Donuts

Address: 140 SW 152nd St, Burien, WA 98166, United States

Phone: +1 206-241-8929


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Rating: 4.6


What Time Does Lucky Donuts Open?

Saturday,: 6AM to 5PM

Sunday,: 6AM to 5PM

Monday,: 5AM to 5PM

Tuesday,: 5AM to 5PM

Wednesday,: 5AM to 5PM

Thursday,: 5AM to 5PM

Friday,: 5AM to 5PM

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Danko Weedburn

“How many dozens would you like today?”, says the friendly shop owner as I rubbed my eyes on Saturday morning. I ordered a dozen of assorted donuts and an iced coffee for the road. As I drive back home to bring donuts to my fam, I grabbed a cruller with delight. I was indeed feeling lucky.

Grab a dozen or two today.

Jaewook J

Local donut shop in Burien that we decided to give it a try after my spouse had one at work, and did not disappoint. The donuts were fresh, chewy, and reasonably priced (half a dozen under $10).

We would recommend trying out the glazed twist donut. Not so sweet and great texture.

Nami N

I woke up early in the morning and went to a donut shop around 5:45 am.. If you want to eat fresh donuts, I recommend going to the donuts shop early in the morning. This time I chose a Lucky Donut Shop in Burien and first visit.
I ordered two of bacon maple bars, apple fritter, strawberry french curler, bear claw and french curler.
And I also bought two bacon maple bars for my friend.
I was excited to eat it. And when I picked up my favorite bacon maple bar……it was cold. I was very disappointed. The donuts should fresh and warm when opening the store. But the donuts were cold. I came here first thing in the morning and ordered 6 donuts for me and 2 bacon maple bars for my friend.
I ate Bacon maple bar, apple fritter and french curler. It was no different from a normal grocery store donut.
The reason I go to a donut shop early in the morning, i can get a freshly made soft and warm donuts.

hop hop hop

We needed a large amount of donuts to take to work – we were able to get many dozens of donuts super fast! And at 6am too. I was worried it would be a hassle, but I was in and out of there super fast. They had a great variety and made some awesome assorted boxes for us. I’d recommend this place for anyone who needs quick donuts for an event. I tried a couple and it’s a very light and airy style of donut, very different from the denser type.

Deena Hernandez

They’re cherry & cream filled danish are so delicious!! So glad I brought some home. My husband loved them as well. & They were still just as good the next day! Seemed like a cute little mom & pop donut shop. The gentleman was very nice as well

Rebecca Bearss

I want to stress that I am not trying to be mean or complain. I just want to give feedback on my experience. Nothing was terribly wrong but there also nothing too good about it either. The doughnuts definitely taste like they were made at closing and left in the display all night. The dough was a bit chewy like it had been over mixed and it was bland. For 17.99 a dozen and at least a quarter of the display that doesn’t qualify for the dozen price I definitely expected better quality. I got a variety of all the ones that were available for the dozen. Not one of them stood out. The toppings were all very cheap tasting. The fillings didn’t have a taste and no one in the house could tell the difference between the jelly filled fruit flavors when blindfolded. My husband said it has more texture than flavor. Honestly I felt like I had purchased a dozen from the grocery store and kind of wish I had because their dozen only costs 11 dollars. As of right now I don’t think I’d return, but would definitely try again if some things changed.

Jordan Evans

Place has great donuts and coffee. Bacon maple bars are great, dough is soft and moist and just *chefs kiss* when fresh. I also needed a bucket but they were out of them at my local store and for some reason they sell buckets for $4, bigger and better ones than at Lowes for 9 bucks.

Shanita Johnson-White (Nita)

Went in to nice clean little corner location with friendly owner, was littler after 11 in afternoon in Saturday and they had only a few donuts left. I grabbed four to try and it came up to $6.45. was pretty good nd tasted fresh. Was two people ahead of me and line went fast. Donuts were costly for lack of selection but freshness and flavor for few had were there.

Lucien Maverick (The Glorious Groj)

I have missed hole in the wall donut shops. So many food places are either chain or glossy enough to be a chaij restaurant. This place is a chill little hole in the wall joint and while the prices are a little higher than I’d like, the quality is pretty great.

Class of 2017

Owner was very friendly, kind, and provided amazing service. The doughnuts were fresh and absolutely delicious!! I’m definitely coming back to Lucky Donuts when I’m in the area again

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