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LaMar’s Donuts and Coffee

Address: 4822 Pioneers Blvd, Lincoln, NE 68506

Phone: (402) 484-5555

Price: $

Menu: View Online

Rating: 4.4


What Time Does LaMar’s Donuts and Coffee Open?

Saturday,: 5AM to 4PM

Sunday,: 6AM to 4PM

Monday,: 5AM to 4PM

Tuesday,: 5AM to 4PM

Wednesday,: 5AM to 4PM

Thursday,: 5AM to 4PM

Friday,: 5AM to 4PM

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LaMar’s Donuts and Coffee Reviews


Best Cruller donuts. It’s super soft and flavor reminds me of funnel cake. I also don’t think I’ve ever seen a Chocolate Raised donut (not the cake dough one) before but it’s great. These two will be my go-to each visit.

kevin detwieler

The customer service is good but there are just a few issues. The coffee has a weird flavor to it, like mud or swiss cheese. The donuts also have a gross flavor that I’m not sure how to describe other than…eww. Their prices are way too high for off-putting flavors. Lastly there’s no drive through.

Mike Risney

Good customer service though they were mostly out of donuts probably four dozen left total,no rolls or fitters. Had to wait on coffee probably would not recommend. Hard to sell product when you don’t have any

Leanna Millard

Let me start out by saying, I love LaMar’s Donuts. Just a plain glazed donuts and a cup of coffee is the way to go. Today we ordered two dozen glazed donuts and one dozen fancy. We ordered through Door Dash to have it delivered to our office. When they came there were two dozen of the fancy donuts and no glazed. We called LaMar’s immediately and I was placed on hold. After holding for 5 mintues, I hung up and called back. The girl said just a minute, sat the phone down and I heard her say, “They called back.” I then spoke to someone who didn’t say her name and she proceeded to tell me that we ordered through Door Dash so we can go on and get our money back. When I inquired about maybe having 2 dozen glazed donuts deliverd to us, she said her employees are young and it wouldn’t be right for her to leave the building. (I am okay with that.) What I am not okay with, Not once did I hear the words, I am sorry for our error. Let me send you a gift card for the next time you come. I apoligize. What happened to customer service? It is amazing how hearing the words, I’m sorry can make a customer feel better. Highly disappointed in the order being messed up and that is not the fault of Door Dash. Plus if you are the manager and you are taking a phone call from an upset customer, act like you feel bad, not indifferent. Zero stars for LaMar’s on this visit. My office loves LaMar’s but I won’t be picking it up again anytime soon.

Eric Westerman

I always pick up Lamar’s Donuts before doing an owner’s training on the systems I install in Kansas City. My wife and I really enjoy these donuts and it seems anyone who knows Lamar’s is always happy to see me carry them in. I was recently in Lincoln and needed some donuts for an owner’s training. When I asked the local facility technician where he preferred donuts from, he immediately choose Lamar’s. Their not just a Kansas City favorite! Thank you for the many years of delicious donuts and excellent service!

J.L. Schmidt

Clean, spacious and convenient with a real neighborhood feel and excellent rolls and donuts.
I bought two white-frosted, cherry-filled rolls and two sour cream cake donuts and two chocolate-covered LaMar’s Bars with white creme filling.
You just don’t find those cherry-filled at most bakeries.
And the ratio of filling to dough was perfect.
The LaMar’s Bars were filled in four different locations. Incredible.

Chris Petersen

Customer service needs a complete overhaul. Spent $50 on donuts that were raw batter in the middle. Called store and received zero support. Contacted corporate and received a gift card almost 2 months later for half the amount. Went back to this location and the gift card was refused because the system “has been down for 3 weeks now”. Completer customer service failure.

Roger Neemann

Stopped in this morning at 6:15 to pick up donuts for a breakfast meeting. We had ordered them three days ago. When we got there, not a donut to be seen. NONE. Disappointed

Lauryn Rieken

I grew up in Beatrice with the lovely bakery there so despite all the times I was in Lincoln, I think I went to Lamar’s once about 12 years ago. Since I moved to Lincoln, I decided to stop in today. The lady who helped me (I think her name was Dom but I can’t remember) was super nice and helpful!! After I came in, she got a bit of a line and she was all alone. Felt bad but she did great! I got two donuts and a smoothie that I asked her to surprise me on the flavor. She picked a mango smoothie with a splash of strawberry and it was fan-freaking-tastic.
My only complaint (which I won’t take a star off for) is my white fluff filled donut didn’t have any fluff inside of it:(
the service made up for it though.

Luke Davidson

Always have had a quality experience here and great donuts!

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