Krispy Kreme in Tampa (Photos, Menu, Reviews & Ratings)

Krispy Kreme

Address: 3113 W Kennedy Blvd, Tampa, FL 33609

Phone: (813) 872-8315

Price: $

Menu: View Online

Rating: 4.4


What Time Does Krispy Kreme Open?

Saturday,: 6AM to 11PM

Sunday,: 6AM to 10PM

Monday,: 6AM to 10PM

Tuesday,: 6AM to 10PM

Wednesday,: 6AM to 10PM

Thursday,: 6AM to 10PM

Friday,: 6AM to 11PM

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Krispy Kreme Reviews

Jennifer Hoffmann

I’m really disappointed because this particular Krispy Kreme was super cute but I had to rate it a 3. The staff was very friendly and the place was pretty clean. The part that bothered me was there were fruit flys or gnats in the doughnut display case and the napkins weren’t stocked for customers. Also the new Cinnamon Toast Crunch doughnut would have tasted so much better if the cereal wasn’t stale. I don’t know if it was meant to not be crispy, but it wasn’t and was very chewy, not what I expected. The shake was great, and again the staff was friendly.

Steve P

Solid Krispy Kreme location where you’ll find variety, space, merch, and best of all, ample parking. We did come later in the day so some of the specials had run out, but thankfully some other classics were available – just something to keep in mind. They also have soft serve and shakes now too, adding to their delicious repertoire. The store is actually pretty huge and has some interesting merchandise for the die-hard fans. Parking was easy to get in and out of and there’s a drive through too.

Wendy Ward

What’s not to like about hot fresh donuts? We loved the glazed and lemon filled…very delicious. No powdered donuts when we visited. Seems like a clean enough store; no complaints. Give them a try!

M John

Today I had a bad experience with the service in your store. I go often with my family to this location and we have never had a service experience as bad as today.
My family and I got inside the store and the staff person was not friendly nor professional. He came to take the order chewing something and didn’t even greet us. He just stood there and stared at us. We ordered 3 regular donuts, 2 mini donuts and a coffee. When we paid I noticed in the receipt that I was charged for the individual price per donut for the regular ones instead of the 3 box donuts price that we always paid as is also advertised in the sign above the showcase. When I asked him about the charge being wrong. He said that he couldn’t do anything about it. That he has the autonomy to charge individual prices and not follow the prices in the sign. I asked him for a refund of the difference. He said he can’t do it and that he was not going to deal with this and left to attend another customer. I asked to speak with the manager. A woman came and I explained the issue. She was not friendly either but she resolved the problem by authorizing the refund and charging the correct amount. I was very disappointed overall with the attitude and service. Definitely not a place to recommend nor come back if the staff is not qualified to give good service.

Erica Famania

Visiting from Upstate NY for my birthday and all I wanted was Krispy Kreme! Staff was so friendly! Thank you!


I would love to post about how lovely the doughnuts were but instead of service I just got ignored for a full 25 minutes. 07/30/22 at 10:57pm employee stated she was closed although it was still before 11:00pm. I saw 3 other customers waiting as well, then drive off without service as well.

Amy Stanley

I used to love Krispy Kreme… the last time we went they stopped making maple and white cream filled. Their original glazed donuts are delicious.

Fran Thomas

I love the jelly filled, none in shelf, I was disappointed, and didn’t want nothing. So they had a box premade it had 2 jelly donuts, the girl gave them to me. I must have looked like a sad little kid. Lol I wish I knew her name, she cared about me as a customer.

Sharon Strappy

Very clean and cashier was polite. The doughnuts have gotten smaller & were not soft and fresh. I prefer the Florida Avenue location. The doughnuts were very fresh.

Max C Flores

Usually when I pick up a dozen original donuts they are warm, hot…..however my dozen donuts were cold like from yesterday……I ask also for hot vanilla latte coffee….worse coffee ever……I will not return

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