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Jack Frost Donuts

Address: 4960 Pearl Rd, Cleveland, OH 44109

Phone: (216) 351-3638

Price: $

Menu: View Online

Rating: 4.5

Website: https://www.jackfrostdonutsusa.com/

What Time Does Jack Frost Donuts Open?

Sunday,: 6AM to 6PM

Monday,: 6AM to 6PM

Tuesday,: 6AM to 6PM

Wednesday,: 6AM to 6PM

Thursday,: 6AM to 6PM

Friday,: 6AM to 6PM

Saturday,: 6AM to 6PM

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Just driving by curious I stopped in to see what they had. Its a Cute little unique donut shop with alot of different specialty Donuts to choose from. I’ll tell you right know it’s sugar city lol. My donut was overly too sweet. But that just my opinion. I also tried a gluten free donut too, it was pretty good too, less sugar in it too. She said they put butter cream icing on there donuts, but it’s more sugary than buttery to me. Coffee was nice and hot. If your up to try something different for breakfast, this would be a great option if your in this area. I would definitely come back.


Absolutely the very best donuts I’ve ever had. Huge variety of very creative and pretty donuts! Most are cake batter which I love and they are super moist! I ate them too quick before snapping a photo.

Aorel Krstec

Well I don’t understand the rating of this place because these donuts are very sweet and dense. the glazed donut are o.k. The sour creams are super heavy and just bad flavor all around. The French cruller we’re super sweet. I do see many flavors but only the employees know the names? The store is very small and parking is difficult to get.
All around, is average and nothing amazingly flavored or a unique to be floored. I will pass this place and continue to the place in Brunswick.


This was a great experience for starters. The ladies inside were very friendly and patient with my 4 yearmold niece and I. I loved the selection of donuts that were available and they even had cake pops for her little brother. The donuts were made really well too! Very delicate looking and tasted just as grand! I will definitely come back to this location should I be in the area.

Vince Cushman

I used to love going here and have been more times than I can count over the years. Sadly, I was just there this past Sunday (10/2) and was caught off guard by how much the prices have gone up, $26 for a dozen donuts is ridiculous ($15 for half dozen). Even worse, when I got home to eat them you can tell they are definitely much smaller than they used to be and the quality seems to have declined, as well. I have no problem paying a little more for good food, but you have to make it worth the price. I think they have let the fame of past years go their head and are living off of reputation at this point. You can get better quality and prices at other shops. Very sad to see how much they raised their prices while lowering their quality.

Marla Nichols

So….I actually visited the one at the Zoo and it was pretty yummy. And, the guy at the counter gave great recommendations….we grabbed all his favs and they were awesome!

Michael Connor

Not sure if the folks who leave all the great reviews have ever had a good doughnut, because the ones on offer here were not at all good. And, at $3+ each it’s actually nuts that they’re so awful. Way too sweet frosting and the cake tasted like old grease. Threw 2 of the 4 I bought away.

Steve Hilton

My wife bought two donuts there this morning: one raspberry filled glazed and one peanut butter creme. She calls me and asks how much do I think she paid for two donuts. My guess was five bucks but I was way low. She told me $3.15 EACH!!!! $6.30 FOR TWO LOUSY DONUTS–NEVER AGAIN! I get the idea of charging higher for singles to push the value of buying a dozen instead–TOTALLY GET IT but $6.30 for two donuts????
When my wife commented on the price, she was told by the server behind the counter that they recently remodeled (which they in fact did) and that the prices went up to reflect this.
NEVER AGAIN–thanks to Brandon prices are way up and donuts aren’t an “I need” but an “I want.” What was once discretionary money used to buy things like donuts is now going elsewhere and that’s where I will go, ELSEWHERE whenever i want another donut. (BTW, too much frosting on the Peanut Butter Cream!)

Matt Kubinski

Very disappointed, glazed donuts seemed stale, raised donuts were dense and hard.Was there at 9am so I don’t believe they were day old donuts. Fried donuts were fresher and softer. I remember when JF was on Broadway in Cleveland years ago, they’re quality has definitely slipped. Used to buy a lot from them saddened by this, looked forward to getting a dozen from them my kids loved them. Not worth the price sorry to say. Probably will not be going back.

Darla P

Amazing donuts. Great service. Loved the Cherry cheesecake and banana pudding donuts.

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