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adrienne lin

Their donuts are amazing. They have a wide variety of mini donuts to choose from and you can’t go wrong with any flavor. They have flavors such as cinnamon sugar donuts all the way to maple bacon. They’re easy to eat and taste as good as they look. They’re made fresh in the truck and are nice and warm when you get them. They’re not too sweet and are fun to eat! There are some reviews regarding their service but the staff does the best they can with the orders they receive. They truly try to give you amazing donuts. If you ever see the truck, try their donuts!

Farmer Yani Koo Poetry Plus

The donuts are really good. Even if you get them plain. But I like how they have a variety of flavors, my favorite is maple bacon and smiley face. They are the perfect size and come with enough for 1 person or to share. Highly recommend it especially if your looking for a quick snack!

Justin S. K

Don’t mind the other review they’re just being mean; so if you want donuts get it here on the way to work.
They also serve drinks and probably certain holiday donuts. So the service is slow, but the owner is nice ,when I got my donut full of batter she apologized and gave me at least 11 mini donuts. This owner definitely cares about her clients. Mini donuts are really yummy and they give good portions in this food truck. This is a place to stop by if you love yo donuts (: thumbs up people.

Amber Rainey

I love these donuts. They are the perfect size and very yummy. They are freshly made while you wait so you know they taste great! The price is way better than the chain donut place. The owner is super nice as well. These donuts reminded me of home.

Christophe Rougny

Hot Revolution Donuts makes amazing mini donuts. Last summer, I tried the Mojito mini donuts, and were amazing. I am a professional Bartender , and was quite impressed with this Mojito mini donuts.

Last weekend I tried their cinnamon mini donuts, and those were the best cinnamon mini donuts I have ever had; hot, crispy outside, and soft inside.

I was told that soon they will be offering Bourbon mini donuts; am looking forward to try the Bourbon ones!

shannon gottesman

Hot Revolution Donuts provided donuts at an event we hosted in Seattle. They were able to park the truck close by and deliver hot donuts to the whole party of more than 300 people. My guests raved about the donuts and Amanda is so easy to work with. I will definitely use them again for catering dessert at a party in the future!

Rana Ozcubukcu

When you are in Seattle you should definitely stop to go to Hot Revolution Donuts. The donuts are really good but the service is kind of slow. The owner has prepared the donuts beforehand but she bakes them whenever people order. The only problem is that when the last people in our group were ordering the donuts turned out to be raw. The owner had not cooked them enough because she rushed. When they showed the donuts she gave us 20 mini donuts. I would recommend this place to everyone.

Marissa Robinson

So glad I found this foodtruck! The owners are both so friendly and really care about their business. I was quite impressed at the speed of which I got my donuts and they were so fresh, that they were still warm. I didn’t know which flavor to get, so they recommended the Dulce de Leche and i am so glad they did, absolutely wonderful. So excited for you guys to be at Westlake this Winter, I will definitely be stopping by this season.

Kayla Schumacher

Iv’e worked in the donut trunk a few times now and I love it! The people are really friendly and the donuts are delicious. I love the variety of the flavors and I have yet to find one I dislike. I highly recommend Hot Revolution Donuts!

Isabel Bigelow

These guys have some of the most awesome donuts I’ve ever tasted! They are super generous with the glaze and their bacon burbon maple donuts are to die for! Super sweet people too and super friendly. I highly recommend this place!

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