Hidden Gems Wonderland in Denver (Photos, Menu, Reviews & Ratings)

Hidden Gems Wonderland

Address: 1411 Larimer St, Denver, CO 80202



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Rating: 4.2


What Time Does Hidden Gems Wonderland Open?

Saturday,: 12 to 10PM

Sunday,: 12 to 10PM

Monday,: Closed

Tuesday,: 12 to 10PM

Wednesday,: 12 to 10PM

Thursday,: 12 to 10PM

Friday,: 12 to 10PM

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Hidden Gems Wonderland Reviews

Richard H

Located in Larimer square, this is a creative, artistic gourmet bakery! The walls and ceiling are decorated in an Alice in Wonderland theme. Tables and chairs suspended from the ceiling. Featuring high end flavored donuts, which are paired with their donut holes! They also sell beautifully crafted macarons, which I did not taste on this visit.
We tried their blueberry donut, which was a thick glazed donut and blueberry frosting. I also recommend their chocolate donut, fluffy and sweet. I am guessing that these are treats inspired by Alice’s tea party with the Mad Hatter!


Food 5 stars
Environment 5 stars (super cute! upside down chairs and tables are very creative)
Staff 5 stars
Price $$/$$$$

It is super cute and the decorations are so creative! Loved it so much! There wasn’t any dine in space but it was fine.

Veronica N

Super cute bakery with a lot of interesting, unique flavors. Everything in there is upside down, which is really fun–feels like Alice in Wonderland when she goes down the rabbit hole. The reason it is called “Drunken Bakery” is because the baker apparently drinks Jameson while she bakes, so things are made on the spot and creatively. I got the cookies and cream cupcake and a sugar and m&m cookie. They just opened, but I think they will be a huge success along with the Hidden Gems ice cream shop they own next door.

Zahra Kent

I’m not a huge macaroon fan but these are awesome. the flavors were spot on and so delicious. the macaroons were soft in the inside with a crunch on the outside. the colors were so pretty. but the best part of this place is the atmosphere. this upside down spot was so cute and totally worth a visit just to see it. you won’t be disappointed!
service was awesome!


I was drawn in assuming there would be boozy inspired or infused baked good. Instead they only had cupcakes and macarons, which was a let down, but they also just recently opened so gotta cut them some slack

The s’mores cupcake was amazing. The decor is super nice with upside down tables and decor. The care to details like packaging is supreme, down to the little custom ribbon they use on their boxes. Fancy but a bit unnecessary.

Christopher Clark

Beautiful little bakery, seemingly specializing in doughnuts and macarons. Both of which are delectable. And the Alice in Wonderland themed decor inside is just so much fun!

Andrew Carroll

I came here looking for something sweet and let me tell you they have the most delicious macaroons and the best doughnut I’ve ever had. In my picture the macaroons are blueberry, strawberry and pistachio and the donut is a cake donut with blueberry and matcha frosting and the doughnut hole in the middle. absolutely amazing place to come. And lets not forget about the staff they all are very friendly. In the décor is so fun This is a must stop if you are coming to Denver or live in Denver.


I had frosted animal cracker ice cream…delicious

Austin Brunner

Cute little shop next to the ice cream spot. Very excellent macarons. Awesome vibes and beautiful store.

Dennis Sims

It is hard to give this place one star, since after spending $5 to park, walking 3 blocks at 1PM on Wednesday in heat; the place was closed. Looking at hour sign on door–it was supposed to be open. Three grandchildren were very disappointed. While standing outside locked door, I Googled the place and it said “open”. Make sure open before you go.

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