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Address: 71001 Market Garden Rd, Fort Campbell, KY 42223

Phone: (270) 275-5543

Price: $

Menu: View Online

Rating: 3

Website: https://locations.dunkindonuts.com/en/ky/fort-campbell/71001-market-garden-rd/358892?utm_source=google&utm_medium=local&utm_campaign=localmaps&utm_content=358892&y_source=1_MTI4MjU2MDYtNzE1LWxvY2F0aW9uLndlYnNpdGU%3D

What Time Does Dunkin’ Open?

Saturday,: 7AM to 2PM

Sunday,: Closed

Monday,: Open 24 hours

Tuesday,: 5:30AM to 4PM

Wednesday,: 5:30AM to 4PM

Thursday,: 5:30AM to 4PM

Friday,: 5:30AM to 4PM

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Dunkin’ Reviews

JoJo Reece MacMillan

This is the 3rd time I’ve been to this Dunkin that they have not had items they let us order. This time they couldn’t make the coffee frozen due to a broken blender, they shorted our lemonade and just handed it to use without saying anything about it. Once I mentioned it, they said they could just pour that into a large cup if the cup size was the problem. But they didn’t have enough to fill it up. Their attitudes are never ending. Their supplies is always “low due to management not doing their jobs right”(quoted that one!). And they rarely have the decency to tell, you until you’ve ordered, because you have to go online for a refund since they can’t process them.

Misty Edwards

Ordered a croissant stuffer and when I received it it was burnt. I took it back and reordered and the next one was burnt, also. I asked the cashier if they all come out burnt and she just shrugs her shoulders. Then I show her the new one and then I’m told they all have to be burnt for the inside to get done because they’re frozen. This isn’t my 1st one and the others weren’t burnt and were done inside. The burnt part isn’t just superficial. (Which I would have overlooked.) These burnt ones are hard as a rock. At least the coffee was right.

Erin M.

I’ve had issues with 4/5 orders that I’ve placed here, to include missing items, substituted items (with no notification), and UNCOOKED items.

The workers seem nice but poorly managed. Some don’t seem to know what they’re supposed to be doing and appear generally confuaed. I have stood around waiting in an empty shop as I waited for the employees to stop a conversation to fill my order.

During curbside orders, they have neglected to inform me that they ran out of items in my order and tried to replace them with cheaper items without notifying me or giving me the option for a refund.

They have also given me milk-based drinks when I have ordered milk-alternative drinks, which is unacceptable given the prevalence of lactose-intolerance.

Most recently, they gave me a RAW muffin. Somehow they did not finish baking it and there was still raw dough at the top.

Unfortunately, they are the only donut shop on the installation, so they have a captive customer base, regardless of poor service.

Luke 2C76

Their whole store smells like burnt plastic. Their food also has a taste of burnt plastic. Any food you get from this Dunkin is disgusting. The only redeemable quality of this Dunkin is that you can order through the app and pick it up in store. I would not want to be in there for more than 30 seconds due to the smell.

Nikita Kozusko

This is how I received my “Carmel craze iced coffee” barley any whipped cream as you see and hardly any Carmel. This is my 7th time coming here and my 7th time experiencing unsatisfactory product. I’m not sure why I gave them 7 chances in the first place. I will not any more.

Savannah Nacca

Twice I have either ordered online or used their kiosk (per their instruction) and both times I have been told that the items I have ordered and paid for are not available. They do not offer refunds for not having items and instead offer a substitute (there are no substitutes for donuts). If they do not have a substitute they claim they keep your receipt and will give you the item the next time you go but then “don’t have your receipt”. So twice we paid for no product.

Dana Halloway

They NEVER have donuts or munchkins and they blame manager for not ordering enough, the ice tea is horrible it leaves a nasty after taste that makes you sick to your stomach…they dont tell you when they are out of something until they come to your car and it’s already paid for….

The workers are very rude and unprofessional! Time to get some better people in there with better personalities


Please stop calling our order numbers before the entire order’s ready. I don’t want to eat or drink things separately, so doing this just causes me to make multiple trips to the counter, thinking my order is ready. Most people probably agree, which is why we’re all still waiting after these trips, not eating or drinking

Gursangam Singh

Closed the dine in doors, didn’t let me do the order at morning time. Said it was only drive thru.

Gino 2nice

I’m not a coffee fan but I enjoyed the donuts and plus the employees were nice so that’s always a plus

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