Mrs Johnson’s Bakery in Austin (Photos, Menu, Reviews & Ratings)

Mrs Johnson’s Bakery

Address: 4909 Airport Blvd, Austin, TX 78751

Phone: (512) 452-4750

Price: $

Menu: View Online

Rating: 4.1


What Time Does Mrs Johnson’s Bakery Open?

Friday,: 12AM to 12PM, 7:30PM to 12AM

Saturday,: 12AM to 12PM, 7:30PM to 12AM

Sunday,: 12AM to 12PM, 7:30PM to 12AM

Monday,: 12AM to 12PM, 7:30PM to 12AM

Tuesday,: 12AM to 12PM, 7:30PM to 12AM

Wednesday,: 12AM to 12PM, 7:30PM to 12AM

Thursday,: 12AM to 12PM, 7:30PM to 12AM

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Mrs Johnson’s Bakery Reviews

Eluta Cline

Wonderful donuts and kolaches, haven’t had any others that are like that in the city, very flakey and just right at 4am. This place has saved my life many times. I hope they will open back up soon, they used to be all night and I definitely miss it. be sure to support this local business they’ve been around for many years and are one of the few late night places offering good, CHEAP food that won’t leave u sick

Grayson Boone

These are hands down the best donuts I have had to date! Just no frills, classic doughey goodness! I had a classic yeast glazed and a blueberry cake donut. They were both amazing! Even after 10pm they were super fresh and melted in my mouth. They definitely keep that old fashioned flavor and are not nearly as sweet as more popular options these days. It reminds me of my hometown donut shoppe in the best way! It is now a must stop for anytime I’m in Austin.

Natalie Tran

I love their donuts! I especially love that not only can you purchase donuts in the morning but you can also get them in the evenings starting at 7:30pm when they start their production. I’m a fan of their blueberry, it’s got a nice crispness with a tasty flavor. It’s a family operated business and they are sweet hardworking people. Support local y’all!

Mary Luna

Have been going there since I was small best donuts hopefully they’ll open up back soon

Weston Holt

I remember spotting this place for the first time on my way home from a night shift and it was so awesome. Got a dozen of donuts, watched them pull them right out of the fresh glaze and they were amazing.

Unfortunately, I stopped by today and the windows are papered up, and the phone number goes straight to a voicemail that isn’t set up

Letitia Skloss

Just went tonight on my way home from work… And have to say I ordered a blueberry cake donut and a lemon filled donut. I actually got a plain cake donut (I think the very best one I have ever had in my life) and a good lemon filled.
1 PT deducted for it not being blueberry and not having any coffee ready at 10:30 pm (so maybe I’m being ridiculous?) But absolutely fantastic donuts tonight.


Quaint & cute Donut shop, stood the test of time ( since 1948), and proof of the pudding being in the eating plus the long line of cars in the drive thru, at 9:30 pm!! That’s what I find quaint, cute, timings are 7 pm onwards & open all night.

Jorge Aguilar

I always want baked goods at night. Most other bakeries close as early as 2pm, and I usually dont get the munchies until after 9pm. And I always forget how cheap donuts are. I know its just fried dough, lard and sugar. But living in austin you become accustomed to everything costing at least $7. So walking away with a plain cake style donut and a dozen donut holes for two fifty felt not so bad. I came here because there is also a breakfast taco spot across the street. And if you’ve never paired breakfast tacos and donuts, well you’re not a Texan. The staff here looks to be family, which I really like, as I try to make it a point to find family owned businesses. It feels better knowing that your money is flowing heavily into the local pool of tax payers. I ate all the donuts in the car before I made it home.

k. a.

Doughnuts are always great here and the prices are very reasonable. Multiple times I’ve picked up several mixed dozens to take to meetings & social events and they are always a hit. The people who run the place clearly work very hard.

Ethan Benavides

Took my girlfriend here before we had to go on a really early flight. It was the only place really open and it was a good price. The guy at the window was nice but we got a few kolaches and they were really really awful. The bread was old, the cheese was hard, and the sausage tasted like it had just finished boiling in tepid water. The guy was very nice. Maybe the donuts are better but I will not ever go back.

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