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Address: 7805 N Oracle Rd Ste 101, Oro Valley, AZ 85704, United States

Phone: +1 520-575-1118


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Rating: 3.7

Website: https://locations.dunkindonuts.com/en/az/oro-valley/7805-n-oracle-rd/349740?utm_source=google&utm_medium=local&utm_campaign=localmaps&utm_content=349740&y_source=1_MTIxMDc1NjItNzE1LWxvY2F0aW9uLndlYnNpdGU%3D

What Time Does Dunkin’ Open?

Saturday,: 5AM to 7PM

Sunday,: 5AM to 7PM

Monday,: 4AM to 7PM

Tuesday,: 4AM to 7PM

Wednesday,: 4AM to 7PM

Thursday,: 4AM to 7PM

Friday,: 4AM to 7PM

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This spot is decent. The staff has a high turnover, which I think contributes to the fluctuation in the level of service or if your order comes back to you correctly or not. Overall probably on the higher end of average when it comes to DD locations.

Jade Terry

Good donuts and sweet coffee. I had a caramel cold brew and would’ve gotten half sweet if I had remembered. I prefer local small shop donuts but we had a gift card and this was a good little treat!

Tyler Hansen

A donut place that’s somehow always sold out of donuts by 9AM for some reason. People are nice, food is okay (if/when you can actually get it).
I have asked before and their (in my opinion, BS) excuse is that the only have a baker early in the morning.
God forbid you pay someone for an extra 1-2 hours of work so you can serve the one thing you make the entire time you’re open (Til 7PM!)


Went in to try the pumpkin spice latte and couldn’t have been met by a ruder person. The young lady could care less. The drink lacked flavor and definitely didn’t taste any pumpkin spice. The place was also filthy. I’ll never return to this location.

Heather McLaughlin

I have been here twice before I decided to write this review. The blond young woman on the register is miserable and unsanitary and will not be nice to you! I paid for my purchase with cash and then watched her use the same glove she gave me change in to shovel donuts into my box! I tried to flag down someone with a headset to make them aware and they either didn’t see me or ignored me. She went on to make my Chai with the same contaminated hand. Then expedite an Doordash order with her contaminated gloves. She is hostile and abrupt with customers on top of it! I really wanted to give the benefit of the doubt so I did not write this review after one interaction in case she was just having a bad day! It happens! But the two visits were separated by 2 weeks and she was behaving the same way! I won’t be going back!

Kari Lee

This location is always running out of chocloate glazed. If it’s a popular donut, there should be more being made. Also not anticipating running out of every kind of donut on father’s day and having a rude staff. You lost a customer.

Laura Ison

Horrible. Burnt Kolachis and cold gingerbread latte – supposed to be hot. To many employees in there for this to happen. I Will never visit this Dunkin Donut shop again. I wish I had looked in the bag before I left for work. Doesn’t even deserve one star.

James S

Once again this place is amazingly terrible! My daughter ordered a vanilla creme donut and got this instead. A stale deformed boston creme. This donut has to be at least two days old. Unedible! They didn’t get one thing right on the order. If I knew she was picking up breakfast, I would have told her to NOT go to this Dunkin Donuts! She walked in the door bewildered on her experience there. This has to be the worst dunkin donuts in the U.S. I’ve given this place a multitude of chances and every time, they prove to me how bad they are.

Stephanie Susa

Do y’all EVER answer the phone? I work for a business that tries to do nice things for our employees (i.e. Heart Shaped Donuts for Valentine’s Day) but you all NEVER ANSWER THE PHONE! The location on Grant and Swan answered in less than a minute. I will keep calling until someone picks up. Irresponsible and lazy. Someone from management needs to ACTUALLY manage this store. All of these comments about this store are appalling.

Dominique Villela

I should’ve read these bad reviews on this place before going! We were very bummed about this. Rude employees in the driveway who didn’t want us to place a large order (apparently) and kept cutting us off and then rolling their eyes at us. There was no line and it was 9:50AM. Awful attitude for people wanting to give them money and keep them employed. They also threw the bag of food on the counter and we asked if there was something wrong. They ignored us several times. Bagels ended up being stale and the worst apple fritter I’ve ever had tasted like cardboard too. Everything must’ve been old (looks like others had similar experiences too). We expected much better, and I’ve never seen a DD be this bad…not even in New York or on campus at U of A.

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