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Donut Express

Address: 1607 W Henderson St # A, Cleburne, TX 76033

Phone: (817) 645-8025

Price: $

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Rating: 4.6


What Time Does Donut Express Open?

Saturday,: 4AM to 12PM

Sunday,: 4AM to 12PM

Monday,: 4AM to 12PM

Tuesday,: 4AM to 12PM

Wednesday,: 4AM to 12PM

Thursday,: 4AM to 12PM

Friday,: 4AM to 12PM

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Donut Express Reviews

Jenan Skinner

Great donuts and kolaches, very neat and clean and friendly employees.

My family loves kolaches because their bread is so soft and tasty here. Everyone who works here is very polite and friendly. It shows that they like what they do and intend to do it well.

We got two dozen here of assorted donunts and all the flavors are fantastic. I am very picky about glazed donuts and they are not typically my go to. The glazed here are super soft and delcious! The donuts here truly have a perfect sugar ratio, not too sweet and able to taste other flavors well.

I love chocolate on chocolate the most and theirs is just perfect. I have put them in the fridge and they come out great after sitting out for a bit.

I know this is a lot for a donut shop but it really isn’t everyday one impresses me so much that I get “donut fantasy.”

E “Beach Time” D

Good donuts, crunchy outside, tender inside. Must try the apple fritter. Hard to get much better unless you go to northeast Ohio.

Bree Ree

They have the BEST donuts in town and always make my favorite maple nut!! Great place I recommend to ALL

Tharra Meland

Best donut place ever! My family and I have been getting donuts here for years. Since I live a few blocks away I sometimes walk with my dog to get some donuts. Since animals aren’t exactly allowed inside we walk through the drive thru (yes I know I’m THAT weirdo) and they are always so sweet to us. The dog gets so happy to see them even though they can’t pet her, but they often give her a donut hole or piece of kolache when they see her. ❤

Kyle Campbell

Best donuts in cleburne. Always friendly service.

Nettie Wilson

Was a great sandwich and donuts were fresh and soft

Taquilla Ross

Great donuts!! Always fresh

Ashley Castillo

I always choose to come to this location due to the drive thur option with my children but will not come any longer. Twice now this younger girl has had a attitude and once messed up my order, which resulted in over charging me. Today she gave attitude and didnt have anything I was asking for. Regular donuts not anything crazy. She would always say the same thing (I dont have that.) There are plenty of other donut shops that treat people with respect. Hopefully this helps others and helps her get her attitude in check. God bless and have a blessed one!

Bo Bogan

Has a great selection most of the time unless you arrive too late. They are able to make special orders like ABC letter donuts

Mister Schwartz

Awesome hole in the wall donut shop.

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