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Coco Donuts

Address: 7965 S Rainbow Blvd UNIT 150, Las Vegas, NV 89139

Phone: (702) 998-4448

Price: $

Menu: View Online

Rating: 4.3


What Time Does Coco Donuts Open?

Saturday,: 6AM to 3PM

Sunday,: 6AM to 3PM

Monday,: 6AM to 7PM

Tuesday,: 6AM to 7PM

Wednesday,: 6AM to 7PM

Thursday,: 6AM to 7PM

Friday,: 6AM to 7PM

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Coco Donuts Reviews

Jason K

This is another of those, “Oh my duh, this has been here the whole time?” sort of moments, because I hadn’t noticed that Coco Donuts was local to my house for the total time I have lived here. It’s a cute, small donut place with a delicious array of donuts that puts bigger places like Winchell’s to shame. They also sell flavored popcorns, which are on my list to try, but I haven’t quite yet. I haven’t had a single dissatisfying experience here, and the service is always great. They do close earlier than most big places, but trust me. It’s worth pre-planning and picking up from here rather than going to anywhere else!

Ryan Everett

My new favorite local donut place, The donuts are sweet and delicious and very much reasonable in price. Love the freshness & excellent texture being executed on the delivery of the tasty item. The chocolate icing is sweet perfection. The cinnamon crumb was awesome & the cronut was very much enjoyable.

Joel C

Very comparable to SoCal spots. I was very pleased and happy. Came mid afternoon and will have to go back early to try some items that were not there. Cro-nuts were legit.

Jenyne Butterfly

The blueberry old fashioned was DELICIOUS!!!! Kids loves their choices too. Gave 3 stars for the TERRIBLE customer service. Lady working there need to learn how to be friendly or fake it. Maybe hire a bubbly employee.


It’s a neighborhood donut place which I always prefer over the chain just to support the independents. Not that the chain is bad, they can be quite good as well.
Had the French cruller $1.19. in my mind it’s less calories?? Certainly is lighter than most donut choices.

Jesse L

One of our students brought these donuts to school today as a THANK YOU for training. We are so glad that she did that because now we know where to go for the best donuts in Vegas.

We got the bacon donut, M&M donut and a couple others. They are all amazing. So moist, fresh and flavorful.

Thank you!!!


Staff is just blah!!! Until you get to know them, the older lady with glasses that is usually working the counter is pleasant after you’ve had a few interactions with her, donuts are delectable, and creative in their themes. Owner Ben is also a very nice gentlemen. I’ve had a few interactions with as well and very welcoming and thankful for your business !!!!

Chris Smith

Why don’t any doughnut shops in LV just have straight prices for a dozen doughnuts? I try to buy some and I’m reminded of that old joke about what it might look if the airlines sold paint. They could have a price for a dozen plain doughnuts, a price for a dozen fancy or a dozen half and half and that would be less confusing. If you have to break out a calculator, a notepad and a protractor to figure out what I’m paying, I’m immediately annoyed and it only gets worse when the price ends up being more than $18. So much for convenience and economy of scale pricing. Unfortunately, the doughnuts weren’t all that great either. I ended up pitching most of them. It was in at the end of their day but most of them tasted kind of stale. I don’t think I’ve ever had that happen at a place that claims to be a higher end doughnut establishment regardless of how I felt about price. I guess they might have tasted better if they weren’t stale but they were and that sucked…

Paige McKissick

Super yummy donuts – our family’s favorite place!!

Furniture Savage

Great clean place, donuts are always fresh and so tasty! Great for birthday parties as we used them to please all of our invites.

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