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BoSa Donuts

Address: 15261 N Reems Rd #104, Surprise, AZ 85379, United States

Phone: +1 623-404-8888


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Rating: 4.4


What Time Does BoSa Donuts Open?

Saturday,: 5AM to 10PM

Sunday,: 5AM to 10PM

Monday,: 5AM to 10PM

Tuesday,: 5AM to 10PM

Wednesday,: 5AM to 10PM

Thursday,: 5AM to 10PM

Friday,: 5AM to 10PM

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BoSa Donuts Reviews

Stefany Escobar

Give the donuts a 4 they are really good. However they frozen drinks are so bad. I ordered a mocha Java and it tasted like old ice that’s been seating in your fridge for months. Very disappointed, the first time I ordered there shake and was just a terrible.

William Kuberski

Nasty manager and employee… Terrible doughnuts without much filling. Went back to get replacements or a refund, and could not get satisfaction. This was at the 43rd avenue location. All other Bosa’s are very good…and not at all like this one.

TinanWesley Mitchell

So, we came here on Grand Opening Day, May 10th. It was very busy with people lined up for their free donut or small coffee. They had no restrictions on what type of donut to choose from! Hubs got a Bear Claw, and I, the strawberry filled donut. His had a good amount of apples throughout. Mine had a somewhat crisp exterior, and soft, fluffy interior and was tasty. The apple fritter, blueberry cake, chocolate donut holes, and jalapeno ham and cheese Croissant were all really good as well. The Smoothies with popping Boba are very good, as is the iced coffee. They also have sugar-free flavors like caramel, vanilla, and hazelnut. The front counter people were not very personable, but they were way too busy to chatter with anyone. They were still pleasant and cordial. …Give it a few more weeks until they settle down. Well, they are just as great as the other donut locations I have been to. Stop by, and see for yourself!

My pre-opening post in April: From other locations I’ve been to, they’ve always had a great selection to choose from, and were quite scrumptious! Can’t wait until they open in May. Yummy smoothies! The owner is very nice and pleasant!

emon mcgovern

My gawd they rock at doughnuts even the plain glazed gives your tongue an erection I live in whittmann and got some Saturday night for Sunday morning coffee lol they didn’t make it home had to go back Sunday for more wish they made more pumpkin spice ones that’s always gone before I get there and the wife is hooked on anything pumpkin thanks for having the best doughnuts in Arizona

yvonne perez

Love this place!! Especially the coupons you can take advantage of!!! A free donut!! Who does that any more?!? Check them out!! Always fresh!! Mmmm Mmmm good!! Great selection of donuts and drinks!!!

Elijah Smith

Yesterday after 6 pm I took my family to get Boba drinks. We were served by a male employee who seemed extremely bothered by our presence. He was very short with us regardless of how polite we were being, or even what I tipped. He showed aggressive body language while writing our orders down. We love BoSa but this experience has left us not wanting to come back, especially since he seemed to think that we could not hear him making rude remarks about my partner to his very kind coworker, while he made the drinks and failed to make them properly.

Tony Scardina

Great food great donuts I love this place even the coffee is excellent

Ana Caona

We enjoy getting breakfast from here. The croissant sandwiches are pretty good. Though the cappuccinos taste like the store bought mix.

Julie Sanchez

Very, very crowded however also very quick service! They made fresh donuts when they noticed they were running low. The staff were super friendly and quick!

Fox Olsen

Was recently served by an employee named Horatio I believe. He was incredibly short with us and looked so angry and put out while taking our drink orders. We felt really unwelcomed and unsafe in his presence. After taking our order he threw the pen he was using and began saying rude things about me to his one coworker with him. We recieved our drinks without the boba we asked for and felt too afraid to ask him to correct it. We left and will not be coming back

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