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Cleveland CPL Llc

Address: 4660 Hinckley Industrial Pkwy #13, Cleveland, OH 44109

Phone: (216) 749-5895


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Rating: 4


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Lillian Bradley

One of the owners offered for me to come work there – that I’d get better pay & better hours. He lied. You also will not get regular breaks. You’ll be lucky if you get any breaks at all. You’re not guaranteed to get a uniform everyday to protect your clothes or the Shoes For Crews that you’re supposed to wear unless you’ve been there over a month. This is a factory that makes donuts, mainly for Dunkin Donuts. The only contact info I had since Day 1 was a cell #. It was very hard to get in contact with the boss that hired me in to even get started. I am a Type 1 Diabetic. One day, I was having issues with low blood sugar and was sent home early. I left before the new schedule was put out. Over the next few days, I could not reach anyone to find out when I should return. I still have yet to hear from anyone and it has been about 2 months. I’ve called, I’ve texted, nothing.

Dr. H Ahmed

Best place to work for, great work environment, the only issue is productions ends around midnight so if you are looking for a day job don’t go there.

Warren Bros. Broadcasting Network

CPL? The place to get animals, right? Wasn’t there.

Gregory Frasher

Great people

Kingsley Playz


Tim “Hubs” Borkowski

Bambino Santana

modestina leonardo

Narcisse Jibu

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